Former League of Legends player becomes the new King of BangBang 2

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As expected, the members of the winning team House Team are all former League of Legends and BangBang 1 gamers.


Conqueror Tournament is Tournaments first MOBA game BangBang 2 in 2018. Each participating team will consist of 5 official members and 2 reserve members according to international standards of MOBA genre, 4 champions of each week will enter the final round of the month to compete for the part. Cash prize of 5,000,000 VND for the Champion team.

The 1st Conqueror Tournament of BangBang 2 attracts a lot of teams to register to participate

Right from the start of the Tournament of Kings, many gamers as well as experts have recognized that the teams whose members are former gamers of MOBA games such as League of Legends, dotA… who have fought through BangBang 1 will have a lot of advantages to go deep into the ring because of the similarity between BangBang 2 and MOBA games that help MOBA gamers approach the battles in BangBang 2 very quickly, thereby creating advantage for yourself.

The battles are intense and exciting

More exciting matches with BLV Vanii’s great commenting ability

According to the representative of the champion team House team: “I and my team know some members in BangBang1 and League of Legends, when I heard the game BangBang 2 was coming out, I had a consultation with my friends to try it out because the graphics are also beautiful. and gameplay that combines MOBA and casual is quite interesting. After playing for a while, I felt like this game more and decided to stick with BangBang 2. The reason why our team won was also because we had played BangBang 1 and League of Legends, so it was easier to approach the game compared to BangBang 2. other friends, in addition, we also practice together a lot, so our ability to coordinate is a bit better than other teams.“.

Thanks to their hard work, House team members at the end of January had a member who reached the top 1 player with the highest skill and received a prize of VND 5,000,000 from the Top Rated Race event. . The prizes are distributed from 1 to 50 with a total prize value of up to VND 30,000,000.

Video of the final match of Ba Vuong Tournament with many attractive combat phases

It is known that after the Ba Vuong Tournament ends, in the near future BangBang 2 will continue to organize new tournaments with an increasingly larger scale and prizes to perfect its annual tournament system. This is a great opportunity for MOBA gamers to organize a team to hunt for prizes because the conditions for participating in BangBang 2 tournaments are extremely simple.

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