Another couple caused a fever in the Arena of Valor community with their sweet public display of same-sex love

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Same-sex love has always attracted the attention of the press and the public. Although today’s social thought is much more open and modern, it does not mean that same-sex couples are accepted by everyone. In fact, they are on the side of the people around them, leading to sad and regrettable stories.

But in another world – called an online game, same-sex love stories become more beautiful and admirable than ever.

Recently, two female gamers of Arena of Valor made the community playing this game “fever” more than ever when they made their love story public in front of “people’s table”. TTH – one of the two female protagonists shared: “Thank you, Arena of Valor, for helping us find each other in the middle of the storm.”


Attached to the shared line are the “love” images of the couple in the game. So far, the two have spent nearly 6 months together. The length of time is not long, but it is not short for a relationship that comes from the virtual world.


Although it is not clear exactly how true or detailed the same-sex love story of this gamer couple is, right after sharing, the article has attracted a lot of attention, comment and follow-up from the members. other members of the Arena of Valor community. What’s more special, our two main characters are both extremely beautiful and lovely girls, making many comments below full of regret: “Pretty girls are still in love for a few hours.” , “Until now, still FA but you two are like this, do you want me to live”…


Through the comments of other members below, it can be seen that this special love story does not seem to be unique. Even Arena of Valor itself is the bridge to help couples come together, when many female gamers comment, they also found the girl of their life by playing this game.


Love – no matter what or under any circumstances – is beautiful and admirable. And for anyone who wants to live true to their true self, to be free to receive and express their feelings to the person they love. Certainly not just one, or or but a much larger number, but perhaps for many reasons gay couples have not yet dared to make their love public. Also on this post, Emergenceingame.Com would like to send our best wishes to our LGBT young couples, always confidently love and confidently express yourself.​

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