3 reasons why you can’t miss Sword Ma H5 – Cross-platform swordplay game in early 2018

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The game runs SUPER cross-platform, says NO to settings but still BEAUTIFUL!
Built on HTML5 platform, Ghost Sword H5 owns the unique advantage of this series – convenience. You can play games on your computer, phone or tablet extremely smoothly without having to go through any emulator software. Simply put, this is a webgame optimized for mobile devices for players to freely log in, experience anywhere, as long as there is a strong enough network connection.

Sword Ma H5 is a product aimed at convenience when experiencing, but still retains the unique beauty of the swordplay series.

Right from the character selection frames, Sword Ma H5 made players immediately think of many role-playing monuments from the past such as VLTK, KT… The color, design style and interface in the game are quite classic. It is not too colorful and colorful like many current games when mixed with swordplay and first half. In Sword Ma H5, you will only see what lovers of swordplay and martial arts want to see. The scene is also changed regularly to create curiosity, excitement to learn, sometimes poetic, romantic, sometimes gloomy and deadly.

The color, design style and interface in the game are quite classic

Song Lieu battlefield and thrilling PK scenes
Sword Ma H5 brings players back to the middle of the battle of Song – Khiet Dan (Lieu) to start their journey. You will quickly be pulled into the whirlpool of this fierce battle. However, this is also the key to helping you become Emperor one step. Specifically, in the game there is a very impressive feature – Quoc Chien.
This activity is a battlefield but takes place all day, every 30 minutes, not waiting and reporting like the old days. Gamers who are “in battle” no matter how busy they are, still have enough time to go “dance” with their friends. Each time you kill an enemy or lower the flag, the player will accumulate a certain number of points. At the end of the day, the system will choose the 5 people with the highest points to award the title. Entering the battlefield to stand above ten thousand people is a joy that not many H5 products today have.

In the game, you can join the battlefield all day long without waiting like before

In addition, Sword Ma H5 also specially designed for players another feature – Co Ngo. Through it, players on their training path can encounter and compete with other players. However, it should be noted that the PK in the game will drop items. If you don’t want to lose some upgraded equipment, you should calculate your moves in advance.

This is also a way for players to turn into an Emperor one step at a time

Unique My Nhan system
In the game, you not only collect equipment and items to upgrade and increase skill points for yourself, but also need to raise the “long legs” to follow the servants. This Beauty system is an interesting highlight because it is not fixed and can be RATED. When you compete with other players, if you win, you will be led by his Beauty to do a few rounds. This is a method to stimulate interaction between players and increase the drama in each encounter. Of course, if their Beauty loses, so will yours. She not only increases the attribute stats but also helps to speed up the battle strength quite high, know how to cherish it.

The “long-legged” system is quite fancy and special, it can be RATED if you are too… weak

Recently, the HTML5 game series has appeared more and more. This shows that the publishers are targeting office gamers, game enthusiasts but do not have much free time to enjoy. Sword Ma H5 or similar game products in the future are expected to bring a new direction of experience to the gaming community in the country.

Right now, readers can learn and “look forward” to Sword Ma H5 at:
Landing: http://kiemmah5.vn/rd/pr2401
Fanpage: https://goo.gl/R3QaBb​​

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