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Members of the notorious hacker group Lizard Squad have been arrested

On November 15, the Twitter page @UGLegion claimed to be the official media representative for Lizard Squad posted two tweets indicating that at least one of their members had been arrested.

The first tweet has a picture of a police car outside a house and the post has the caption “Too long my friends, that’s a good move. You can’t catch a single person.”


The second tweet confirms the situation, and names the person who will be representing organization theirs in court.

“We’ve hired some of the best lawyers in the world – Brett Jones and Gary Bloxsome. Additionally, Brian Krebs will represent the Lizard Squad leader if convicted.”


Although nothing has been confirmed yet, all indications are arrest This stems from the recent DDoS attacks and threats against the UK Labor Party by Lizard Squad.

This group claims that they are behind the incident cyber attack The “sophisticated and large-scale” opposition to the Labor Party occurred earlier this week, as a dense election campaign was underway.


Above all, the hacker also sent private messages to Britain’s The Independent, threatening to launch personal attacks against party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his family.

In fact, hours after tweeting about the arrest, the UGLegion site posted a message directed at Corbyn, asking him about his bank account.


While their reach extends to all corners of the Internet, Lizard Squad is particularly ruthless in targeting online games, messing up the servers of many popular games over the years for no reason. in addition to reminding people of their existence.

Most recently, they have claimed responsibility for the November 13 server outage of the newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and prior to the November 9 outage of Fortnite.

Whether this arrest will change the course of their plans and actions, but many are hoping it will keep the Lizard Squad from operating during the holiday season as they were intended.

The team has made a habit of causing problems with game servers around the Christmas holidays, which is when many people are playing online games because they are on holiday.

Downing game servers is one thing, launching cyberattacks against a major political party in one of the largest countries in the world is quite another story, so only Only time can tell about the future of Lizard Squad.​

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