[Review] FIFA 19 Demo – This will be the best football game in history

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FIFA 19 so confident that, despite his opponent being PES 19 released the official version before 2 weeks and then released the Demo version, and the main version of EA Sports will be released after the opponent nearly 1 month, ie on September 28 here. In recent years, FIFA always like that, always confident in what has been, is and will be, and ignores the opponent’s actions. Remember, version PES 18 of Konami also released two versions before the official version, Beta and Demo. Who knows what the outcome will be. Many gamers around the world dare to confidently affirm, from the version FIFA 17 with the Frostbite Engine platform, PES is “no door”.


If version 18 is just a slight step forward for this series of games that makes many gamers “disappointed”, actually FIFA 19 version is a revolutionary game. It’s similar to FIFA 12, like FIFA 17, two of the games that changed the face of EA Sports’ football series, but what version 19 did was even better.


Keep the Engine, improve the graphics

Thinking that, in versions 17 and 18, FIFA has reached the top and there will be little change in this year’s version, those are completely wrong judgments. All the graphic materials of this year’s version have been changed and elaborated to the point of meticulousness, at least in the Demo version. From the light layout, the color range in the game, the details of the grass, the player’s face, the ball to the deeper details such as the movement of the player, the audience … all make gamers surprised.


Of all the above effects, the one that the player feels the most clearly the change is the player’s movement. All movements from running, passing, shooting to how the arm moves are very smooth and lively. Players will easily recognize the classic physique and running of C. Ronaldo, Pogba, Lukaku… are all really real and vivid. It is no longer dry and stiff like some recent versions. Now, every pass, even if it is a lung correction, is also very realistic instead of “turning” the whole body to the point of absurdity like previous versions.


UEFA Champions League

This is the “Content” that EA Sports focuses the most when running marketing for FIFA 19. A spectacular pass against the arch-rival. EA Sports has suffered the bitterness of losing license This most attractive tournament before Konami a decade ago, now PES has lost even more painfully before FIFA on copyright issues. EA Sports has proven that everything PES used to do in terms of UEFA Champions League content is now even more spectacular in its production.


From the scene of the tunnel before the two teams go to the match, the referee holding the ball to the classic UEFA Champions League Song, all are rhythmically harmonized in the prelude of the game. FIFA 19 Demo. The atmosphere of the match, the stands of the fans, the commentators all exuded a surprising impression on the players.


Tactics more intuitive and easy to understand

This is one of the most controversial factors in the FIFA gaming community over the years. How reasonable is the tactics, what is the correct range of the squad, what is the right style of attack and defense. How much pressure is good, what Aggression is and how much it affects and how it fits into the squad… are questions that many popular gamers do not know, now, everything has become more intuitive. a lot in FIFA 19.


Players only need to choose the style of attack and defense. There, defensive tactics such as backing deep, stealing the ball right after losing the ball, defending with total force or putting pressure on the opponent to make mistakes or attack in the style of ball control, long ball or quick counterattack… all Both have graphs that players can understand and choose from. Just a little more tweaking of the range of the formation when attacking, defending can immediately enter the match. The customization, although not deep, is very intuitive and easy to understand as well as the effect that can be immediately recognized in the game instead of struggling to find the standard of numbers like previous versions.

Teams present in the Demo:

Many gamers still joke that, playing FIFA Demo in recent years sometimes do not need to buy the original because the teams present are all big names of world football. This version 19 too, many PES gamers will surely crave these faces, these clothes, these stadiums, these team names without having to go through Option Files or Patches. . Even when looking back at PES in recent years, Bayern Munich can’t even find…


Overall, FIFA 19 is a version of the best football game ever, a version that can be considered to change the face of the world football game series. Stay tuned for more exciting content when the game is released later this month. Emergenceingame.Com will continue to update information about this game in the near future.​

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