The Wind Road “listens” to gamers with great videos

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The Wind Road is an action role-playing game project from the developer duo Jiayuan and Amos Shaw. This project has been in development since 2015 and up to now, the game is in the final stages of completion and is expected to be released to fans next year on PC. Currently, The Wind Road is available on Steam Greenlight and is very supportive of the gaming community. Recently, the manufacturer has released a huge video both literally and figuratively, because the video is up to 30 minutes in length and has revealed about the scene, combat, the content of the game, and some features. other.

The context of the game is set in the Northwest region of China, the architecture, clothing, and even the character’s personality all show a very strong feature. In the game famous landscapes in the Northwest such as Macao Cave, through the creativity of the crafting team, these landscapes become mysterious and help players have interesting discoveries. Is a theme game wuxia ARPG genre, the game’s battle system is the point that players are most interested in. The game has designed up to dozens of different martial arts moves, moreover there will be no fixed limits, players can freely combine moves. For example, someone who likes the “Ngoc Cuong” move can choose to add many other moves to increase their fighting power. in Chinese historical dramas. The combat system also has another special gameplay in that when fighting, the enemy reveals an opening, the player can rely on it, grasp the font and attack quickly, dealing huge damage.


Xiao Xudong, a representative of the game manufacturer, introduced that, in the game, there are relatively many enemies (AI), beginners will find it difficult at first, but if you know how to find the enemy’s loopholes and attack, You can destroy a lot of targets. For great technique moves, you must grasp the enemy’s fontanel in order to attack effectively. This has reduced the boredom compared to traditional ARPG games, making the battles more varied. The manufacturer also introduces that this is a game with “non-linear” gameplay, this term means, there will not be a preset script telling you what to do like other games, the player must go Collect clues then complete the scenario. As seen in the video, the first clues appear through the player’s dialogue with the NPC, looking up the text.


The game is currently in the final stages of preparation to be “on the floor” on Wegame next year. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible.

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