Another copy of Fortnite welcomes Mobile

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NetEase has once again released a version of the game that imitates famous titles, this time Project: Battle with the battle royale genre, follow-up Fortnite. The game has character designs and buildings that are almost similar to the “original version”.


Compare in more detail then Project: Battle get the addition of a number of elements, including means of transportation in the air, in the sea and on the ground, helping the character to move faster. Characters also have the added ability to climb on objects.

Another factor is camouflage tactics, allowing the character to hide from enemies. The game seems to focus more on building items, such as a radar to detect enemies. According to the description from Google, the game allows gamers to collect countless materials, capable of assembling things by taking advantage of quantum energy blocks.

It seems compared to Fortnite then Project: Battle There are even more interesting additions. Right now the game is open alpha test, lasts until May 24.

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