Disney spent a huge amount of money to bring the X-Men back to reunite with the Avengers

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Recently, the media has been buzzing with the news Disney want to buy the corporation 20th Century Fox and the two sides are in the negotiation process. Finally, fans no longer have to speculate, as of today, it’s all over. 20th Century Fox was officially owned by Walt Disney with acquisition costs of more than 50 billion USD.


This purchase Disney earned everything that belongs to the film, television and studio of 20th Century Fox. As for the sports channels, cable TV…still owned by the 20th Century Fox holding. Toward Fox, they believe that this purchase and sale are mainly unimportant parts of the company. An inheritance in the hands of a media tycoon – Rupert Murdoch, 20th Century Fox determined to focus on information and sports. Because Disney which is known as the world’s largest entertainment and multimedia group, so according to some analysts, this acquisition action of Walt Disney Pictures is to completely reform the global media entertainment industry, there will be many major changes in this industry in the future.


This is a sale that is of interest to the global media, because it involves many of the audience’s favorite movie projects such as: Deadpool 2, X-Men: The New Mutants, Gambit, X-23, X-Force, Legion, Brilliance…After spending a large amount of 52.4 billion USD to buy it back 20th Century Fox At the same time, the two “pets” that were sold to Fox are Fantastic Four and X-men also about to come back under the command once again Disneyreunited with the “big family” of superheroes Marvel. Not only that, some other famous brands such as Alien and Avatar will also join the army with a powerful corporation Walt Disney Pictures.


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