Cuu Duong VNG – The final sound of Tranh Ba, a match of honor and faith

Besides War Powers, Paintings of Ba is the outstanding feature of Cuu Duong VNG in recent times. With a smaller scale and nature, but the drama, struggle and attraction of Tranh Ba even somewhat surpassed the attraction of the World War. However, hidden in the battles of the Guild it’s still a glorious tug of war between the two sides Western Region and Trung Nguyen.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Before the finals took place, the number of congregation coming from the Western Region, surpassing the Trung Nguyen. Many players have come up with the scenario that Tranh Ba is finally just a power playground of the West Region when looking at the results of each round, the number of Trung Nguyen factions keeps falling. However, there is still a representative who believes in Trung Nguyen’s “brothers”, who are entrusted to create a “spring swallow” named Paint salaries.


Overcoming each round, Luong Son’s victories became more and more convincing. There are times, many gamers have thought about the prospect of Luong Son winning a resounding victory first Lunisolar, a powerful faction of the Western Region. However, dreaming is just a dream when the power of Yin and Yang is really too great. Because, Yin and Yang is the strongest faction of Western Region S1, even the whole of Cuu Duong VNG in this moment. And the results proved to be true.


Yin and Yang won, a victory that came from within his own strength, but Luong Son was not sad because of that. Because they have the right to leave the tournament with their heads held high as one of the factions that show their best form. That is the power of honor and faith, besides the great bravery of Yin and Yang.


Losing the battle is the driving force for the Trung Nguyen factions in general and Luong Son in particular to continue to develop and come back in the near future. Surely, the race to the unique throne of Cuu Duong Tranh Ba will become more and more attractive and challenging.


Returning to Yinyang’s victory, the members of Yinyang had great moments after the match ended. It is the joy and happiness of any member of Yin Yang, because they have affirmed their position in the world of Cuu Duong VNG. Despite becoming the winner, Yin Yang still showed quite modesty and respect for his opponent, they thought that their victory was partly due to luck, coming from the efforts of each member participating in the battle. .


Once again, congratulations to Yin Yang and Luong Son. Both have devoted viewers in general, and Cuu Duong VNG gamers in particular, an engaging and emotional match.

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