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Royal Blood is the title ARPG game set in the fantasy world mixed with European gothic by NPH Gamevil (Korea). The game owns the leveling role-playing gameplay – familiar combat of the role-playing genre, but with an emphasis on stunning image quality and a re-imagining of the old PC RPG gameplay.


Royal Blood owns 4 classes: Warrior – Warrior, Archer – Archer, Mage – Mage, Poet – Bard. Each class has 2 skill sets that can be changed between combat, promising to bring a more creative experience to each gamer. In addition to the first 3 classes, which are quite “basic” for every RPG game, Royal Blood adds Bard as an interesting option for gamers who like to play support. Bard has a petite shape and has “loli” animal ears, uses musical instruments as weapons, possesses many healing and defense skills.

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Royal Blood owns many old elements of PC RPG games. Typically the setting uses HP and MP mana potions, not automatic like most mobile games The current. The melee limit was raised to 70 vs 70, becoming one of the factors for Gamevil to create an open world for gamers. In addition, each character can be customized in terms of appearance, from face, hairstyle to costumes.


Royal Blood open register early from now until June 5. Each player who registers early will receive 300 diamonds and 200,000 pieces of gold as soon as the game launches. Register early here.​

Early registration on Google Play:

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