Anime heroes who killed their parents with their own hands

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Inside every human being, there are always “angels” and “devils” that exist bilaterally. “Hero” does not mean always being a “Buddhist player”, even some people have had to manually end their parents’ lives, even if it is for a legitimate purpose.

Setsuna (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)


The moment Setsuna’s story is revealed in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the audience may feel even more deeply about this character’s tragic life. Like many other children, Setsuna was kidnapped by Ali al-Saachez and trained to be a warrior. Manipulated by Ali, Setsuna killed her own parents to prove her devotion to “God”. Not tragic enough, Ali then abandoned Setsuna and eventually kicked him out of the organization when it was no longer worth using.

Goku (Dragon Ball)


Although not his parents, Mr. Gohan is the closest person to Goku because he always took care of him after he came to Earth. At first, Goku with the aggressive nature of the Saiyans, Goku is a mischievous kid, smashes everything, but in one accident, he accidentally fell down the cliff, Goku suddenly became a gentle and kind boy. On a full moon night, when he looked at the Moon, he turned into a ferocious and powerful gorilla. It was in that beast form that Goku completely lost control and killed the very person he raised him.

Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass)


Suzaku Kururugi is not an innocent murderer so the reason he was forced to kill his own father, the audience can completely understand. His father was the last prime minister of Japan before the Invasion of the Britannia Empire took place. As a child, Suzaku soon learned that his father was an extremely selfish person, he was willing to kill Japanese officials and citizens for personal purposes. In anger, he stabbed his father in the chest. Still knowing that killing his father is hard to accept, but it is the feeling of guilt that has become the driving force that makes Suzaku constantly try to become better to atone for his sins.

Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Zero)


Kiritsugu Emiya’s actions can be controversial about the line between good and evil, but as the protagonist of Fate/Zero, everything he does is for a righteous cause, including killing his father. my mom. First, Kiritsugu Emiya killed his father to prevent him from becoming a Dead Apostle. Next, he also has no choice but to kill his mother because his mother has boarded a plane filled with bloodthirsty Ghouls and Emiya’s mission is to destroy that plane. In the end, by shooting the plane to explode in the sky, he is forced to end his mother’s life.

Kohaku (InuYasha)


Kohaku is a character in the manga and anime series InuYasha by author Takahashi Rumiko. Kohaku was originally an extremely honest person, not even a fly wanted to harm until Naraku used it as a tool to carry out his crimes. Kohaku then had to kill his father, whom he loved with all his heart. That is also the reason why Kohaku became a demon slayer warrior to kill Naraku, avenge his father.​

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