Top 10 most popular female characters in anime

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Recently, animeanime site has announced the list of 10 female characters in anime most popular in 2020 according to the results of the audience’s votes. Let’s see with Emergenceingame.Com which names are included in this list:​

ten. Emilia (Re: Zero – Starting Over in Another World)


As the female lead of Re: Zero, Emilia strongly impresses the audience with her beautiful appearance with rare platinum hair and crystal purple eyes. Despite always being discriminated against because of her resemblance to the Witch of Jealousy, Emilia is still very kind and always takes care of others. You can also catch this girl’s adorable moments whenever she acts childish if she encounters something unfamiliar.

9. Princess Syalis (Sleeping Princess in Demon Castle)


Syalis, whose full name is Aurora SyaLis Goodereste, is the princess of the United Human Nation of Goodereste. She was kidnapped by the demon king to her castle to force the knights to fight him in order to end the war between humans and demons. But that didn’t matter much to Syalis, all she cared about was getting a good night’s sleep. Watching the movie, the audience will surely enjoy and laugh at the way this princess ignores all the people around and finds ways to create a perfect bed for herself.

8. Elaina (Elaina’s Journey)


This witch has long ash-colored hair, which is also the origin of her name Elaina. Before the beginning of the main story, Elaina was a witch who was proficient in magic but was very naive because she was always protected and protected, but later she gradually matured and matured. In addition to her kindness, Elaina is also praised for her beautiful and cute appearance, who can hate a girl like that?

7. Rem (Re:Zero – Starting Over in Another World)


Although he is not the main character, he can even be considered a villain, but Rem still receives the love of many audiences. She has a cute appearance with light blue hair and a childish face that goes well with the maid outfit she wears every day. Both Rem and her sister Ram were servants of Lord Roswaal L Mathers.

6. Tsumugi Takanashi (Idolish7 Second BEAT!)


As one of the key characters of Idolish7 Second BEAT!, Tsumugi Takanashi is a kind, optimistic and energetic girl. She is also the manager and loyal fan of the i7 boys.

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