While driving the car, he was caught, the thief still calmly walked away in front of the Net shop staff

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Theft is probably a very big problem in the engine room, net shop when a lot of bad guys take advantage of the loopholes, busy playing of customers here to take advantage. Especially the theft of motorbikes and bicycles. In fact, there are many gamers who unfortunately lost their means of transport while engrossed in the game and almost couldn’t find their property afterwards. Needless to say, it is enough to know that if these subjects are unfortunately caught, they will have to suffer the consequences. If they are not beaten, they will also be dismembered, so the police solve it.

Recently, on a group for people net business, a net owner posted a clip recording the scene of 2 people riding motorbikes, taking advantage of the shop outside, no one had wandered into the lock of a motorbike to fill one side of the shop door, one person was available outside the waiting car. However, soon after, the staff inside the restaurant discovered and ran out. I thought that the young man who trusted the other car would get a hit when he was caught in a battle like this. But no, very quickly, he pretended to be around the car for a few more seconds, then casually walked into the shop, looked around a bit, and then left completely with his accomplices who were waiting outside.

The clip recorded the scene of the object pulling the car outside the shop.​

The shopkeeper immediately ran out after finding out.

This made many people find it difficult to understand why at that time so many people were present at the scene but let the thief leave so easily. Net shop owner to explain because he was not at the shop at that time, the mandarin staff was still too kind, so he did not know what to do in this case.


However, there are also many people who sympathize that, perhaps, the staff themselves do not want to move their hands and feet, “beating is not necessarily a thief, not to mention being skewered for a few times, the family suffers. As long as you don’t lose the customer’s car, it’s good.”


I think this case is also lucky for both sides, the net shop did not lose the car and the thief was not caught, there was no fight or injury. However, from here, the owner of the net shop will have to tighten security and watch over his business area to avoid unwanted damage to both customers and the shop’s property.

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