Call of Duty Story Rating – Which is the best version? (Part 3)

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8. Call of Duty: World at War
The fifth game in the series has plot almost identical to the previous ranking positions in the list. However, World at War’s ranking is boosted by a few notches thanks to some of the most outstanding missions in the entire Call of Duty series. For example, the mission to raid Makin Island to rescue American prisoners. This seems like a fairly simple stealth mission, but this quickly changes when the player is discovered by enemies. In addition, the final mission revolving around the attack on the Reichstag from the first Call of Duty is reimagined starring Gary Oldman as Viktor Reznov. The 2008 version was successful by making good use of Treyarch’s new generation of consoles.


7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Any fan can attest that the second installment in the game/movie trilogy is often the hardest to complete. In fact, while Black Ops II failed to create a bridge to both Part I and Part III, Modern Warfare 2 did an excellent job of connecting with the first and laying the groundwork for Modern Warfare 3. Modern Warfare 2 is famous for No Russian – the task of setting the tone for the entire plot. The action movie sleigh ride, the siege of Burger Town and Makarov’s hideout, intense gunfights, and several events leading up to the ending was dubbed the best plot-twist in history. Video game history is what makes Modern Warfare unforgettable.


6. Call of Duty 2
The main attraction of Infinite Warfare lies in the character development, but CoD 2 relies entirely on historical reenactment. The above description may sound quite absurd for a game that requires players to win big battles while alone, but Call of Duty 2 successfully retells the story of World War II, typical The picture is the first mission in the American plot – the D-Day campaign on Pointe Du Hoc. Even without trying CoD 2, players may recognize the familiarity of this mission with the plot in Saving Private Ryan, although the game’s visual quality can’t match the movie. The game faithfully recreates other standout moments including the Soviet assault to recapture Stalingrad and the gunfight at El Alamein. Call of Duty 2 has one of the best World War II storylines in the entire CoD franchise.


5. Call of Duty: WWII
Outside of Call of Duty 2, WWII is the title with the best storyline revolving around the Second World War. Call of Duty: WWII by Sledgehammer Games paints a truly emotional and eye-catching story spanning 12 missions. WWII has successfully attracted players at a time when CoD fans are slowly becoming indifferent to this FPS franchise, putting the series back on the right track. The campaign takes players back to iconic battles, starting with the Normandy Landings to the Battle of the Ardennes. However, the most outstanding feature of WWII is how to build each team member, players need to learn how to flexibly coordinate with their teammates because each character has its own ability and skill cooldown.​

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