Download now ChronoBlade – Super awesome ARPG under the hands of Diablo and GTA veterans

For those unfamiliar readers, Chronoblade is a project ARPG scale put under the development hand of nWay, promises to convey to gamers the crazy killing phase and extremely beautiful graphics. Not only impressing with great ambition, the game also owns two game talents, Dave Jones and Stieg Hedlund. The GTA gaming community must be familiar with Dave Jones as he is the founder of the company that is the predecessor of Rockstar today, the originator of the unbelievable success of the open world game series. Meanwhile, Stieg Hedlund was once a core member of Blizzard North, one of the people who made Diablo II a legend.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

That’s why when they teamed up on Mobile, a super product was almost firmly in the hands of gamers. And that is ChronoBlade. Now, after a very long time of testing, ChronoBlade has officially been released worldwide and to iOS and Android gamers. From now on, readers can head straight to the bottom of the article to enjoy one of the ARPG titles of 2018.


ChronoBlade is quite different from the ARPG style when it allows gamers to experience a system of fighting secrets formed from two positions of soft and hard. There the game allows players to perform fast-paced but low-damage attacks, or slow but insanely powerful. Combined with the screen flipping or rushing forward, gamers can create combos like thunder on the screen.


Thunderstorms are many and now it’s time for you to enjoy ChronoBlade by downloading the game for free online on Android and iOS here:

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