Hitman 2 was suddenly revealed

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Developer IO Interactive planned to livestream to introduce the new game on June 7 on a Warner Bros channel, but many details were accidentally revealed right after the official website went live 2 days before.


More specifically, it’s the logo Hitman 2 existed before Warner Bros. promptly discovered and took it down. The stream also shows a rear view, which appears to be a racing garage, with the logo of Hamsun – a fictional company present in the gaming world. Hitman previous part. Thus, the fans are sure that the new product that IO introduces this time is the 2nd part of the Hitman series.

Trailer Hitman 2

Although there is no longer an element of surprise, IO still manages to keep the game trailer and many other important information. In the past 7/6, Hitman 2 officially released the introductory clip, scheduled for 11/13 release date and 3 prices of $ 60, $ 80 and $ 100 for different versions.

Hitman 2 will release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStaysion 4 platforms.​

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