PUBG Mobile: The most powerful weapons to destroy Zombies

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Zombie mode in the survival shooter PUBG Mobile has been officially available since version 0.11 has made gamers extremely excited. In PUBG Mobile’s Zombie game mode we will have to fight with other players, and at the same time face extremely terrible zombies on the map. Therefore, the war in this mode will become much more fierce. To be the only survivor we really have to overcome countless challenges and completely master the arena in PUBG Mobile.

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Currently Zombie game mode in super products Battle Royale This only appears in a certain period of time, so very few people have experience in dealing with them. To destroy the zombile at least gamers should not ignore the weapons that we talk about below.

3 types of weapons required when participating in PUBG Mobile’s Zombie mode


The fire gun of destruction in the game PUBG MobileThe fire gun of destruction in the game PUBG Mobile

The flamethrower is a close-range gun and especially this gun has the main ammunition of gasoline. We can pick up those guns from the zombies that have been destroyed, so in order to possess them, the player must always be agile to lead the line to be able to own them. The flamethrower is especially suitable when the player is indoors and is suddenly hit by a Zombie, even if they carry a shield, it is difficult to escape the fire shot from the flamethrower.


Dagger in Zombie game mode
Dagger in Zombie game mode

Daggers are one of the weapons not to be missed if you have a chance to join the Zombie game mode in PUBG Mobile. Daggers are melee weapons that we can kill Zombie with 1 right stab, some zombies are extremely slow and you can do this if you are agile. However, gamers should also be careful when using daggers, because it may not create a happy ending when you get too close to the Zombie because they will attack against you and should only be used with the crowd. Small zombies, slow to touch.

M134 Minigun machine gun

The M134 Minigun machine gun in PUBG Mobile
The M134 Minigun machine gun in PUBG Mobile

The M134 Minigun machine gun is no stranger to gamers who love FPS games. The M134 Minigun gun is capable of holding up to 200 7.62mm bullets, so we can fire continuously on the opponent and don’t have to worry about reloading more ammunition during the fight. The M134 Minigun gun can destroy all the huge numbers of Zombies and Zombies in a perfect group.

Above are 3 types of weapons gamers need to equip when coming to PUBG Mobile’s Zombie arena. Hopefully with those weapons will be effective when you have to confront the horror zombies in the PUBG Mobile game.

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