How to create avatar challenge frame League of Legends

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League of Legends is a high speed action strategy game and is being loved by a lot of people today. To help players of this game be able to create an impressive picture representing League’s challenge frames for your friends to see.

Below, will be a very simple step-by-step procedure that only takes a few minutes for you to take create a picture of the picture frame challenge League of Legends. Here, would like to invite you to follow the article.

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How to create avatar challenge frame League of Legends

Step 1: To create the avatar challenge frame of League of Legends, first please visit this website address:

Step 2: Choose Photo frame style avatar challenge League of Legends.

Step 3: Next move the screen down, then press the button Choose an image.

Visit the website address Choose a photo frame typeClick the Select Photo button

Step 4: Upload images up, then resize and press the button Crop photos.

Step 5: Write your text in two cells Enter text.

  • Cell 1: This is where you enter the hero’s name and outfit.
  • The second cell: Your game account name.

Step 6: Next, press the button Create a photo.

Upload images and resize them Import contentTap the Create Image button

Step 7: Wait a moment for the system to stitch photos into the League challenge frame.

Step 8: After you have stitched the photo into the challenge frame successfully, press the button Save.

Wait for the system to generate the image Press the Save button

Step 9: Finally go to the Gallery on your phone to review the image and you can share it with your friends to see.

Pictures after successfully created

Wish you all success!

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