After many accusations, the million dollar game is finally ready to be released

Last year Detroit: Become Human has suffered a strong boycott wave from a child protection organization in the UK because the scenes in the trailer are violent, can adversely affect the player’s psychology, and encourage child violence. Before these allegations, the developer strongly countered and said that those scenes reflect the problem of domestic violence and are not ominous to adversely affect players.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

The wave of boycotts that took place made many people who expected this game worried about whether the game could be released in 2018, or would have to be adjusted accordingly and released later. The launch date of the million-dollar game is still long, but recently on the PlayStation Europe Twitter page, an official announcement has been made Detroit: Become Human will be on shelves on May 25, making many gamers excited.


If you still hear this game strange, Detroit: Become Human was molded by Quantic Dream, the number to produce this game is up to 30 million Euro, a huge number. The game follows the style of the movie, with the plot given to the player, there will be three main characters, each choice of the player will determine the end of the story.




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