DC is about to launch a movie project about the ‘anti-hero’ group Justice League Dark

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In the universe DCoutside Justice League (Justice Alliance) there is also an opposition organization called Justice League Dark (Justice League Shadow). True to its name, this alliance is the reverse of justice, consisting of a group of supernatural heroes who loosely band together to take on paranormal threats, supernatural threat – the threat that the Justice League reality is irresistible. Previously, there were many reports that DC had plans to release a real-life movie about this dark alliance. In addition, there is information that the movie Justice League Dark will be directed by Joseph Kahn.


Recently, the producer has released a series of photos of key characters in the team such as: John Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing… All of them have a dark and mysterious look full of magic of Justice League Dark. People will probably misunderstand Justice League Dark like Suicide Squad – a secret government organization headed by Amanda Waller that recruits supervillains imprisoned in prison for the purpose of carrying out illegal secret missions in exchange for freedom and saving the world from an evil relationship. incalculable danger. Justice League Dark is also an organization of people who do not properly carry out dangerous missions to save the world, but most of its members Justice League Dark is a superhero, there are even people who were once in the group Justice League. Unlike normal superheroes, the members of Justice League Dark are all involved or capable of using magic.

Is a movie that focuses on exploiting Anti-hero (anti-hero) characters, as well as blockbusters Suicide Squad before, Justice League Dark promises to bring more interesting and attractive things to fans. Currently, the script of the film has been completed and is waiting for approval from the publisher Warner Bros. The film is expected to officially start filming in 2019.

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