Gamers convert their PC into a super terrorist weapon model

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Computer cases have become an art where our artists unleash their imaginations into one-of-a-kind works. These works can be a super car with a trendy frame, a fortress with dozens of gun emplacements or even a super weapon ready to blow away the enemy.

Yes that is also the latest work of Name-Class, a gamer PC case level famous. Having just performed at the Asus event, Name-Level has stopped the eyes of the fans with the blood red and quality of the case called ROG Carbine inspired by fictional weapons in games and movies. You can admire the top images of this case right below.

Not only has a bold appearance, ROG Carbine is also equipped with an equally terrible configuration.

CPU: Intel Core i7 7700K.
Mainboard: Asus ROG Strix Z270E Gaming.
VGA: Asus ROG Strix GTX1070 OC Gaming.
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16Gb Kit DDR4-3000.
M.2 SSD: Crucial MX300 525Gb.
PSU: Enermax Revolution SFX 550W.
Fans: Enermax TB-Silence 12cm.

And of course, reading the heatsink is enough of a headache..

CPU: Aquacomputer cuplex kryos NEXT VISION PVD/Nickel.
VGA: EK FC-1080 Strix.
Res: 2 x Aquacomputer Aquatube Delrin black.
Rads: Aquacomputer airplex XT 240.
Pump: 2 x Laing DDC 1T plus with Aquacover DDC.
Flow: Aquacomputer flow sensor high flow for aquaero, aquastream XT ultra and poweradjust
Displays: 2x Aquacomputer VISION Touch with extern USB-cable, IR receiver and Ambient temperature measurement.
Fits: CoolForce by Nanoxia.
Liquid: Coolforce CF No.1 yellow opaque.

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