PUBG released a new Update, fixing the “second elastic” lag in the game

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PUBG 1.0 has been out for more than a week, and gamers have begun to “get used to” the situation of going 3 steps back 1 step into the early game. Not only that, the server system is relatively weak compared to the large number of players, which also makes the “servers are too busy” message line “dear” to many gamers. In addition, being trapped in a hole in the middle of the desert map despite having a godly climbing ability is not too strange for some unlucky players. Yes, PUBG is no longer “early access”, but it is clear that the experience it has brought to gamers during the past week has not been as expected.


Obviously, PUBG’s development team is also aware of this. And as expected, 1 week after the release of version 1.0, PUBG had the first announcement about the maintenance and the release of a new update. In addition, the development team also sincerely apologizes to gamers for the inconvenience that the game has brought. Of course, whether this apology will be accepted, it remains to be seen how this update “does”. Not good? We / gamers will… still have to continue to be patient and play the game.

Below are the details of the changes promised in the over 1 GB of the new update.​

Balance in random map between Erangel and Miramar. That is, from now on when finding games, the rate of new and old maps will be 50-50. Before that, this ratio skewed quite a bit towards Miramar.​

Adjusted the replay system, so that the player can only watch the game’s replay 3 minutes after his death. This adjustment is to limit the announcement of the enemy’s location to teammates immediately after death.​

Fixed some non-standard buildings and objects with the Miramar map.
Fixed a bug, reduced the rate sometimes when the replay would crash and return to the lobby screen. When replayed, replays will start from the time of the last view.
Fixed a bug with Death Cam that sometimes made it impossible for players to see how they died (Death Cam started too late).
Fixed an issue where players couldn’t get BP after the match. Compensation plan will be updated as soon as possible.
Fixed a bug that caused gamers to die from confusing falls.
Fixed bullets not penetrating certain barriers from both sides.

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