This is how to take revenge when your “big brother” is kicked out of the game company by your boss

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To start the story, especially for readers who do not often follow the scandals in the world gaming village.. Emergenceingame.Com would like to start with Hideo Kojima – who is considered a master of the virtual world when he single-handedly created the series Metal Gear Solid for 30 straight years. But everything soon fell apart in 2015 when Konami – Japan’s popular game company, suddenly launched a campaign to “bury” Hideo Kojima while he was still working here.

There they forced Hideo Kojima to finish Metal Gear Solid 5 earlier than expected, preventing him from delivering a satisfying ending to fans, before deciding to scrap the project. PT, which was the premise for the Silent Hill project under Hideo Kojima. A series of reports indicate that Konami with the new direction and the animosity of the top leaders with this developer, decided to “sink” him at all costs. After all, as we all know, Hideo Kojima took off his shirt and left behind his son Metal Gear Solid for many years of attachment.

Hideo Kojima and actor Mads Mikkelsen.

Now, things are brighter when Hideo Kojima and his own studio are Kojima Productions has embarked on his own project”Death Stranding“, promising to bring a unique game like never before. Although for Hideo Kojima himself, everything may be in the past, but for many people, Konami’s actions are still unforgivable. And it seems that some of them are still working at this game company.

Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus and director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pacific Rim, Pan Labyrinth)..

Accordingly in the game Metal Gear Survive – The first Metal Gear version was made after Hideo Kojima left, gamers have just discovered a very unique secret. Right there in the intro where Metal Gear Survive asked for a name for the character, a clipboard appeared on the screen listing the names of other soldiers in the unit. Except for the player’s own name and the first 3 names, the names of those who stand after can be arranged as “KJP FOREVER”. Yes, KJP stands for Kojima Productions, the development team headed by Hideo Kojima and once under Konami. Later when Hideo Kojima left, Kojima Productions was also separated from Konami and operated as an independent studio. Just a coincidence? Probably not.. because right after that the words KJP FOREVER appeared again, although this time in order from bottom to top.


With fans and supporters Hideo Kojima, this is indeed a very interesting secret and a vengeance could not be better. Many people must be really wanting to thank any “undercover agents” who are still active in Konami’s heart.

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