Ranking the most successful “disciples” in Far Cry 5 (P1)

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Guns for Hire is a system consisting of characters that the player can recruit during the solo mode of Far Cry 5. They can assist us in many ways, with different skills, and obviously with varying degrees of usefulness. Below is a ranking of these “gunners” from low to high of Emergenceingame.Com, although not all of them “use guns”.

10. Fighter

Fighters are anonymous fighters that players can easily hire in Far Cry 5. Unlike other special characters, these fighters need to have a certain amount of kills before unlocking 2. their skills (5 with 1st skill and 12 with 2nd skill).


This feature, of course, will make them much less appreciated than special “gunmen” like Hurk Jr. or Boomers, “people” who already possess all the skills they have once they complete the recruitment mission. In general, Fighters are characters that we usually only recruit when we have no other choice.

9. Adelaide Drubman

The first time you recruit Adelaide, you’ll imagine epic scenes, where your ‘old lady’ will hover over Hope County in a Tulip helicopter and fire bullets at any ‘guy’. whore” fanatics dare to touch you. With Adelaide, you can freely break into the plantations, kill the necessary targets while the “old lady” wipes out the rest with the machine gun on the helicopter… But no, that’s just my imagination. only you.


The duo “ribbed old woman” and “helicopter” turned out to be not an ideal partner. The noise from the Tulip turned out to have no other effect than turning into a pile of bullet-absorbing scrap. Adelaide isn’t much better either, as it’s completely possible to be shot down from a few hundred meters away, and leave them alone for the next 20 minutes in the in-game. In the end, the malicious words uttered from the mouth of the “tendon old woman” are obviously never a good remedy for a headache. On the contrary, it is the cause of the disease.

8. Sharky Boshaw

Similar to Adelaide, you will have very high expectations for the powerful firepower from the flamethrower that Sharky carries. You expect him to burn through dozens of enemies while attacking, or create a perfect barrier of fire when he needs a tactical retreat… That scenario, perhaps, will also appear, extremely rarely. throughout my collaboration with Sharky.


More often than not, you’ll find yourself rushing out of your safe hiding place, as Sharky often uses his weapon in an extremely careless manner. In general, the strong firepower accompanied by the general invisible “character” has become a huge weakness of this flamethrower.

7. Peaches

Peaches is not a true “shooter”. In fact, it’s an extremely brave cougar with a pink necklace. Why is she so low on this list? Simply because all the rest of the associates (including Peaches) are fairly uniform in quality and great in different ways.


For anyone who loves stealth instead of sweeping the battlefield, Peaches will be the ideal companion. Extremely reliable at taking down enemies silently, Peaches is the perfect choice when you want to destroy large outposts. Coordinate with her, you just need to watch out for snipers, alarms or air patrols. Even better, completing the mission without being detected in the above way, will be rewarded by Far Cry 5 with extremely generous rewards.


Peaches of course also has its own weakness, which is the amount of damage is not large enough. Once discovered too soon or surrounded by enemies, our lovely girl will soon have to leave the battlefield to rest for 20 minutes. Another weakness (or not), is her arrogance and coldness. Obviously, that is the nature of feline animals, and you will probably be “heartbroken” in part because of that “pride”. And if you’re a fan of these clumsy creatures, that’s fine, everything’s fine with Peaches.

6. Nick Rye

The other of Far Cry 5’s two pilots, and Nick Rye are an almost stark contrast to Adelaide Drubman.

Unlike Adelaide, Nick can deal massive amounts of damage for a short period of time after being summoned. Not only can it take down enemies on the ground, hostile planes have never been a problem with Nick’s large automatic gun mounted on an old-fashioned aircraft. Besides, Nick Rye can also take a large amount of damage before being forced to land. That makes his existence much more effective than Adelaide’s frailty.


Nick obviously also possesses to keep him from being ranked higher. First, Nick is completely useless if the enemy decides to retreat into fortified structures. Next, the interval between Nick’s 2 discharges is quite long (about 1-2 minutes), and during that time, the player will be forced to confront the enemy alone (or “two alone”, if you have unlocked both Guns for Hire locations).

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