Far Cry 5 – Super FPS 2018 brings war to… Mars

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The brief trailer of Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars Western comic style, with the main character Hurk suddenly being transported from Earth to Mars. Several images of the setting were also revealed, including the infrastructure settings and the spider hordes. Players will take control of Nick Rye, fight against the alien bugs and try to recover every AI that has the power to protect humanity.


On Mars, characters receive certain flying abilities through the Space Jet set – a personal flying device. All weapons are science fiction and can be freely used, such as the Blaster of Disaster “space rifle”. In addition to the Hellfire gun capable of firing laser pellets, the Morphinator with the promise of “turning predators into prey” in the most “explosive” way. All new weapons will appear in the main mission mode.


Lost on Mars can be sold with a season pass at prices of £29.99, £25.99, or £29.99. The price for the separate purchase has not been announced but will most likely be £ 9.99 like the Hours of Darkness.


Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars slated to release on July 17.​

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