Female gamer 9x Audition earns hundreds of millions per month through her business

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Just re-appeared with Audition A few months ago, but the presence of this “hot pink-haired girl” made the community members more excited than ever. Not only because of her outstanding, personality-filled pink hair, but this is also the idol of many gamers in particular and 9x youth in general.

The female lead mentioned in this article is Tran Ngoc Cat Phuong, born in 1990 and working in Ho Chi Minh City. She is known for her floating hair, passion for tattoos, and many other talents. Not only doing good business, this first 9x also tried many roles such as: actor, MC, photo model and even built his own movie project. With these jobs, her monthly income is also up to hundreds of millions.​


Along with busy work, Cat Phuong is also a genuine female Audition gamer. In mid-June last year, she surprised many other players when she announced “retirement”, selling her nick off the game. But at the beginning of this year, the pink-haired hot girl suddenly reappeared, making the community extremely excited


And now, the idol of so many boys and girls also openly “listens” to recruit husbands to make hearts melt. Everyone wants to have a foot in the room to play with their idol.


Looking at Phuong, many people might think that this girl is rebellious. But it’s true that it’s impossible to “take a picture of your face”, Phuong does charity work as hard and as often as the number of times her friend changes her hair color.

Possessing a beautiful appearance, personality, good and friendly, cheerful, it is natural that Cat Phuong has many fans and idols. Her personal facebook page also owns more than 800,000 followers from the online community

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