A series of gamers regretfully temporarily “washed their hands and hung up their swords” to enlist in the army

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For every young man before enlist in the armyGo military service They must all have mixed emotions in their hearts. Half surprised when preparing to step into a new environment with many new challenges. Half eager to carry on his shoulders the responsibility, the sacred duty to the Fatherland is to preserve and protect the peace and independence of the nation. Along with that is the sadness, when you have to temporarily leave your family, lover, friends and even the habits and hobbies that have been temporarily put on hold.

Particularly for gamers, when gaming habits and preferences seem to have become an inseparable part of life, hitting the road join the army It is also like “washing hands and putting down swords”. Everyone knows that living and training in a very strict military environment, strict time management, even using the phone is very limited, let alone “plowing” surfing games.

So many gamers could not hide their pity at this big turning point in life, had to say goodbye to their comrades with the same game that they had been attached to all this time, and hope to return soon.


However, there are also gamers who accept the challenge with a rather relaxed attitude. There are even gamers who are still enlisting before going to the army to “do a few games”.


There have been many comparisons between today’s young generation and the generation of his father who kept the country before. That the young generation of this technology age only knows about games, the internet, or other pleasures. But perhaps, we should also look at the differences of each era to get more objective views, so that we should put our faith in today’s young generation, with the agility in absorbing advances. of technology, science and technology, will make our country more civilized and advanced, and in certain cases, they will still be willing to stand up and fight to protect their nation. .​

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