Download now Among The Dead Ones – Survival horror game brings DayZ to Mobile

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You must already know the name DayZ – a phenomenon of the world gaming village, a product with extremely harsh gameplay where everyone has to survive against bloodthirsty alien species and humans themselves. DayZ is just a simple Mod, but it is extremely revolutionary with creating a completely new trend in the virtual world, paving the way for countless survival games to be born..

And now a standard experience DayZ has officially set foot on Mobile after a long pregnancy.. That’s it. Among The Dead Ones – A first-person survival game with realistic graphics and the most challenging gameplay on Mobile.


In true DayZ style, Among The Dead Ones opens very simply and is not lengthy. At the beginning of the game you are simply an unknown person waking up in a barren world without a soul. In the face of Zombie silhouettes wandering everywhere and hunger and thirst clinging to every step, you will have to find shelter and essentials to endure through the day. The game will also focus heavily on the loot system, allowing players to scavenge weapons along the way to protect themselves against hordes of undead zombies.


Also remember that your strength is not unlimited and the different stats will decrease over time, even having a strong impact if the character encounters dangerous situations. That’s why gamers are always in a state of being chased by an invisible ghost with death hanging over their heads anytime, anywhere. That is the pressure that DayZ brings to gamers, Among The Dead Ones also promises to do the same..


Presently Among The Dead Ones A beta version is available for you to download for free on Mobile today:

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