Young people secretly taking pictures of “crush” met outside the Facebook net up shop thanks to the approach

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With today’s life and the digital age, it seems that social networks are an indispensable dish in our daily lives. It is like a second home, where everyone can share and share their thoughts, feelings, difficulties, and life views. And even how to approach a girl is openly polled “facebook-er”.

No wonder a guy recently accidentally met the person of his dreams net shop, but due to the “shy girl” nature of seniority, he did not know how to make a reasonable acquaintance, the guy secretly took a photo of his crush and decided to post the forum to ask the experience of the masters in a game forum. that the guy joined. This player claims to have no experience in this area.


“It’s me again, the guy who met a female AD player at Gamingx yesterday. Yesterday, the only way was to buy a bottle of sting and give it to me to get acquainted, but I didn’t know how to say it. Can anyone give me a hint, huhu, I have a crush on her. I’ve never liked or loved anyone in twelve and twenty years, so I have no experience at all.”

It is also from here that countless tips and advice from the masters are given to this young man. Many funny comments want to drop the jaw. “Tell my friend I’ll ask for a jelly”, “Just buy milk tea, but the sting won’t do any good”, “Hold the bottle of sting and hit her on the head, then take her to the hospital, ez impressed”, “Did you see some jellies?” Do you want to leave it on the table, you can go take it and eat it, she will ask you on her own”…​


It seemed that this was just a funny advice post, but soon it became a hotly controversial topic in this game group when suddenly another member criticized badly, saying that it was “trash” behavior.


There is no denying that it is wrong to disagree with the act of secretly taking photos of others, but perhaps the words of the young man above are a bit harsh, especially in using the word “trash” to judge others. . Many people also support that stealing other people is a bad thing to do because it affects personal privacy. The reason the owner of the above status was “discolored” from the group was his somewhat rude and harsh way of speaking. If he knew how to use words in a gentler, more appropriate way, his opinion would probably have received more agreement.​

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