5 things you must do now to make the game run smoother

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What is the most important stat for gamers? RAM capacity? CPU speed? or memory graphics card? Actually, it’s all important, because it strongly affects the stability of a game. However, when the game is active, the impact of those parameters can only be measured by a single metric. That is FPSor frames per second.


But because of the complexity of the computer, sometimes there are many different factors that affect the game, causing the FPS to fluctuate erratically. So how can we limit this? How can the computer comfortably run the game without being affected by things that are not? Here are 5 things that Emergenceingame.Com recommends you do right away to make the game more “breathable”.

Update Graphics Card Driver

This is one of the tips you hear the most when you want your game to work properly. With the latest driver update, your video card can make the most of the game performance in general as well as the graphics processing in particular. On top of that, graphics card manufacturers and game developers also help each other in ensuring that drivers fully support new games. Therefore, there is no reason that you do not help your Card prepare “power” at the highest possible level before diving into the virtual battlefield. Currently, PC has two main video card manufacturers Nvidia and AMDso readers can download the latest Driver at the address:​


Meat now wallpaper app

With a series of applications and software now making it easier for users to use computers, gamers also face many problems arising from this. Letting a bunch of software and applications run in parallel with the game will definitely make your computer unnecessarily “tired”. Therefore, immediately close unused applications and software before activating the game. You can quickly look down at the bottom right corner of the Desktop screen to turn off background applications or turn on Task Manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time) to see which software is consuming the most computer resources. .


Hardware Overclocking

Speaking of overclocking is talking about accidents that cause hardware to die forever. However, in fact there are two types of overclocking, one is to race in terms of scores and make the hardware work at the highest possible level… and the other is to bring performance higher than normal but still run the same. maintained in a stable manner. Most gamers favor the latter and fortunately doing it is not too difficult.

To do this you need to perform two main tasks: measurement and adjustment. With tuning, the most useful and easy-to-use software available today is MSI Afterburner, which can be used for many types of video cards. Whereas with measurement, FurMark is a prerequisite choice in testing how far the graphics card’s capabilities are. The function of this software is to push the graphics card to the highest possible load, thereby telling us what is reasonable. The formula here is that you use MSI Afterburner to customize two levels of Core Clock and Memory Clock (absolutely do not adjust other items) step by step. Every step, you turn on FurMark for the software to work and monitor the temperature. Wait until the temperature line runs horizontally and does not increase, you will know that is the correct temperature of the Card.


Next you go to try any game, possibly the heaviest game in the machine to check. If you see an improvement in the frame rate and no strange effects in the game such as light spots, loss of images, dark images, etc., the video card is still working within its capacity. Continue repeating the above steps until you have a desired result and the temperature is below 80 degrees Celsius (ideally below 70). If you want to go further, you should consider equipping the machine with a quality heat sink, thereby allowing higher overclocking capabilities.

Please also note that some popular video cards are not designed for overclocking, so read the information that came with the card and consult the technology forums before you want to do anything more.

Download MSI Afterburner

Download FurMark

Adjust the graphics in the game

This is one of the most common ways when players encounter frame fluctuations. This is also the first recommended choice when you have FPS speed problems. Usually gamers should disable effects that do not affect the image quality much, then move on to more “heavy” items if they do not see satisfactory results. To know what “useless” effects I need to turn off, readers can refer to Emergenceingame.Com’s article at:


If in case you do not have the desired FPS level, you should consider lowering the texture quality and resolution. While lowering the resolution will reduce the quality of the entire image, the texture (or overlay) affects the detail of the surface. Imagine a wall with veins becoming softer and flatter, or creases and lines on clothes disappearing if the texture is reduced. Therefore, reducing these two parts can significantly improve the FPS rate, of course, to compensate for the reduced image quality.

Use optimal software

In fact, optimal software is no longer something strange to computer users. The market today is flooded with software of this type, supporting everything from cleaning junk files to managing storage. However, software to optimize specifically for gaming is indeed still rare.


Currently gamers have an optimal choice is Razer Cortex – software developed by Razer Corporation, which is famous for its specialized gaming devices. Besides that GeForce Experience It is also worth mentioning when it helps gamers have the most optimal graphics settings possible. In addition, GeForce Experience also integrates game recording and capture tools and Live Stream.

Download Razer Cortex

Download GeForce Experience

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