Warframe – MMO monument celebrates 5th birthday

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Warframe Released Open Beta from March 21, 2013 as a shooting game third person for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Digital Extremes’ game is always in the top 10 games on Steam with a total of 38,083,936 copies sold. In its half a decade of existence, Warframe multi-time Game-of-the-Year winner, Steam Labor 2017 Love Award recipient, twice hosted TennoCon, 22-times content update and official and first open world expansion (Plains of Eidolon).


Contributing significantly to the success of Warframe are contributions from gamers. The community created 52,972,344 battles, 234,766,197 weapons. The cumulative number of hours played is up to 139,747 years, equivalent to 49,912,765 days, 1,197,906,351 hours. The first boss of the game, Captain Vor, was defeated 53,117,969 times.



In this year Warframe is expected to continue to roll out new updates. Specific content will be revealed in July at the 3rd TennoCon, held in London and Ontario (Canada). The event will be broadcast live on Twitch.​

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