5 secrets to help you buy PS4 games, Nintendo Switch save the most!

If you still think follow the path “righteous way” is too difficult because buying PS4 games, Nintendo Switch for millions more than one game. So how do you pursue a game career? Follow the road “heresy”, just hack Nintendo Switch or PS4? Do not worry, in fact the cost of entertainment, gaming is not as expensive as you think. nShop would like to share with you some experiences that will hopefully help you.

Buy PS4 games save

Price comparison between gaming hack and copyright game

Play game hack, where the cost is cheap but get bored quickly than buying PS4 games, Nintendo Switch to experience slowly

In fact, many of you think playing pirated games will be cheaper than buying PS4 games, Switch discs with a lot of license. But the shop tries to calculate for your game play at a cost that you have to spend:

  • Difference between hackable PS4 (Switch machine can hack): VND 2,000,000
  • Portable hard drive / 256GB memory card to copy games: 2,000,000 VND

* * Cost is estimated, may not be 100% accurate

Thus, to play the copy game you had to spend 4 million more than the original cost. What you get is: Copy all the top titles of PS4, Nintendo Switch to your hard drive, memory card. Then play briefly, see nothing good, boring. After a few dozen times like that, it feels like: Ui … PS4 is nothing good. Nintendo Switch is full of shitty games! Posting for resale!

Buy Nintendo Switch game, PS4 license to experience slowly its beauty

When you buy a PS4 or Nintendo Switch, the first thing is 4 million difference from buying that hack you can use to buy 2-3 top game discs on that system. Then buy more package Playstation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online to play the game experience. Plus, there are free, but free, games that come with this service.

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Buy a good Nintendo Switch game

At this point, each game you buy must consider carefully review, reviews, trailers … before deciding to buy PS4, Switch games. Different from copying. But which game is worth the money of this game. When you spend money you will play each game carefully, feel the full value of that game.

5 secrets to be revealed – Buying PS4 games, Switch is no longer too difficult

With only 3 – 4 million, even 2 million first friends. You can also “starting a business” copyrighted game play. Helping Vietnam “shoulder to shoulder with power 5 Chau” instead of just being a specialized country “fake game”. Here are 3 tips to help you play the copyrighted game as economically as possible.

Buy top PS4 games – top Nintendo Switch games at the moment of purchase!

If I only have 100 million in hand, I will run immediately to nShop to buy clean game cabinets. However, “starting a business” With only 2-3 million in hand, the advice for you is to invest in the top game. For example, if you buy a PS4 game, just do Uncharted 4, God of War 4, Spider-man, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Horizon. If you buy a Nintendo Switch game, then Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Octopatch Traveler will make money.

Explore more list of top PS4 games to buy

Top PS4 exclusive games

Depending on your budget, you can buy 1-2 top game discs to play. This top game value is often played over and over again for 1-200 hours. So you will not regret the money. The only thing to note is that the top game also has many genres, so it’s up to you to buy. For example, if you like role-playing games, but buy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Racing) will quickly get bored.

Buying more Playstation Plus / Nintendo Switch Online package increases the value of the game console

Yes, Playstation Plus and Nintendo Switch Online are service packs that the manufacturer gives you the most benefits. On a negative side why do you think buy PS4 and Switch games and then have to spend money for online services. But on the other side the player will get many times better service than free. At the same time, when you buy PSN Plus you will get free game every month. On the Nintendo Switch, you get free four-button video gaming app – you can play those games online.

PS4 games are free on PSN Plus

Playing online and taking advantage of the online services of the game console is always an interesting point that you should not lose just because you love playing hacking, unlocking. Lost online, game console lost nearly 50% of the good, value of the machine!

Play free online NES game on Nintendo Switch

So with the starting price of $ 20 / year for the Nintendo Switch and around 1 million / year for the PS4 you will get more than you lose. Especially, the machine always has new games to play without spending too much money

Free but quality game store

Yes, the free PS4 and Nintendo Switch games are being released to the Store every day more and more diverse. You should be playing through the free PS4 titles and the free Nintendo Switch games in time “preparing ammunition” for the next blockbuster titles.

Game Fornite Battle Royale for Nintendo Switch

Reference via:

Sale off on Store PSN and eShop

If you play the game, just think about it “plug in” buying a plate is a shortcoming. Do not forget for only 20 $ (Equivalent to 500 thousand) You can buy 2-3 great titles to sell off on PSN and eShop stores for every promotion.

Discount PSN

These games simply recharge your account and buy the game to download and play. The simplest but most economical.

Exchange old games on the Game Community Group

Finally, the biggest savings when joining the copyrighted gaming community is to exchange with other members the game discs you’ve played so badly. (But don’t break the disc ^ _ ^).

Refer through 2 groups specializing in game consoles:

Buy and sell games back and forth from the Playstation and Nintendo gaming community

Here, you can find people who share your interests, discuss games, exchange, and ask questions. Parallel that is exchanging game discs. Some disks can negotiate offset exchange rates. The beauty of these two groups is the player-to-player exchange. No traders will help you buy the cheapest old PS4, Nintendo Switch game.

Welcome to the copyrighted gaming community

So, with the 5 tips above. Hopefully you can set your foot in the world of console games. Buying PS4 games, Nintendo Switch is not too difficult now. Playing copyrighted games means that you are supporting game manufacturers and publishers in the best way so that many good games will be released in the future. I wish you a happy journey with Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch!

PS4 Game Machine

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