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If you are new to the Nintendo gaming community with entertainment devices like 3DS or Nintendo Switch. Do you think Nintendo doesn’t have as long a history in gaming as the Sony Playstation? Maybe you should check out the following article. Some Nintendo consoles may have even been born before you too! Please check out the list of Nintendo consoles below.

nintendo classic console

Nintendo game consoles

Speaking of traditional game consoles with plugging in television, perhaps with Vietnamese, there are only 3 main systems: 4-button electronics (NES), Wii and Nintendo Switch. However, the history line of the company has begun to launch game consoles since 1977. That is up to the present time more than … 40 years old!

Color TV Game series

Color TV Game series

Color TV Game series includes a total of 5 different versions released in the market with different titles. If you have seen Doraemon, you will see in Japan at that time, you usually sell game consoles, each game machine has only 1 built-in game. (Released: 1977-1979)

Nintendo Entertainment System

NES machine

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) also known as four-button electronic in Vietnam market itself. This is Nintendo’s most successful system because for the first time the game console was not tied to the game but could be purchased separately for game play. (Released: 1985)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

SNES machine

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is the next generation of 4-button electronic with upgraded graphics, completely new design of the controller. This game machine marked a period of monopoly Nintendo caused the loss of love with other developers, initially creating the legendary rival Sony Playstation. (Released: 1991)

Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 is the most powerful upgrade of the game console in the 90s. The device supports the game with excellent 3D graphics graphics. Besides, the handle of the machine also has many outstanding improvements, especially the joystick (Similar to Analog). However, due to the fierce competition from Sony (Playstation 1 was born at this time), this system has not met Nintendo’s expectations. (Released: 1996)



Gamecube promises to help Nintendo compete with the Sony PS2. The project was undertaken by the son-in-law of the late president of Nintendo (Hiroshi Yamauchi). The main goal is to compete with hardware, sell at a loss to gain market share. Despite the huge failures compared to PS2, the lessons learned from this system are the springboard for Mr. Iwata to step up to the position of CEO of Nintendo to bring the company’s success. (Released: 2001)



Nintendo’s hugely successful gaming console since the NES generation launched more than a decade ago. The project was directed by Mr. Iwata and aimed at breakthrough innovation in the gaming industry at that time, instead of just competing with configurations like the PS3 and Xbox 360. The whole life cycle of the Wii sold more than 100 million products. absolute success for Nintendo. The breakthrough in the use of behavioral sensing technology in games makes every gamer eager to welcome Nintendo into their home entertainment system (Released: 2006)

Wii U

wii u

Wii U is like a low note in Mr. Iwata’s career. This is considered an unfortunate failure because the technology has not really matured according to the idea. Later, Nintendo commented that this was actually just a … trial version of the Nintendo Switch. Either way, one remembers the first home console that can be played without depending on the TV. (Released: 2012)

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

This generation of Nintendo Switch probably does not require much introduction, everyone knows. You can see more details about the Switch here . The current console-handheld hybrid console is still in Nintendo’s main lifecycle and is the best selling product, helping the company turn the tide from a steep slump to its brightest star.

Nintendo handheld game machine

Game & Watch

game and watch machine

Nintendo’s first generation of handheld game consoles: small, portable, LCD screen and each with a game included. In total, Nintendo has sold 60 different versions with different games. Like Color TV System, in Doraemon you will easily see that “rich hands” like Suneo (Xe Kô) can buy modern entertainment equipment like this. (Released: 1980)

Game Boy


The Game Boy was Nintendo’s first and flagship genuinely portable generation. It is designed so that you can change the game tapes instead of having a single game on it. Gameboy uses 4 AA batteries for 30 hours of continuous play – this is a great advantage of the machine. Gameboy’s success makes the name one of the most expensive brands of all time. (Released: 1989)

Virtual Boy

virtual boy

Nintendo’s first 3D game console – before the Nintendo 3DS and designed like today’s VR devices for a real-world experience. However, the problem of limited technology at that time, this system was unsuccessful and stopped production for only 1 year of release (Released: 1995)

Game Boy Pocket

gameboy pocket

Similar to Gameboy but thinner, dynamic matrix screen and uses 2 AAA batteries. This is one of the pioneering products in the trend “Small new modern” by Nintendo. Big upgrades inside the hardware but at the same time shrinking the size to be more compact. (Released: 1996)

Game Boy Light

gameboy light

Gameboy Light is exclusive to Japan (At that time, Japan was the most expensive, the most expensive, the most modern one). The device is similar to Gameboy Pocket but has backlight support for you to easily play games in the dark. Due to being only released in Japan, gamers are not well aware of this game system. Today, the value of the Gameboy Light still circulating in the market is blown up even higher than the original New Nintendo 3DS XL (Released: 1997).

Game Boy Color

gameboy color

Similar to Gameboy but with a powerful configuration like a four-button electronic NES game machine. It was the company’s first handheld game console to come in color – instead of just black and white like Gameboy. In particular, the movement of Nintendo’s transparent shell when applied to the Gameboy Color product line created a fever of new fashion trend. Many gamers buy 3-4 Gameboy Color machines just because the colors of each version are so appealing to them (Released: 1998)

Game Boy Advance

gameboy advance

The graphics technology inside GBA is comparable to SNES. This is a huge improvement over the Gameboy Color, which kicks off Nintendo’s next generation handheld console journey (Released: 2001).

Game Boy Advance SP


With a similar configuration to GBA, however, GBA SP brings a stylish folding design, a brighter screen. The GBA SP is the bestselling product in the GBA family (Released: 2003).

Nintendo DS

nintendo ds

In response to Nokia’s Gameboy killer and formidable rival Sony PSP, Nintendo DS was introduced by Nintendo at the E3 – 2014 fair. As a joke because the configuration was too low compared to the PSP, but only 1 year after the date of release. Eyes, the company has proven it to everyone: Creativity is sometimes more important than configuration. The first game console with touch, voice and two screens that made Nintendo a hit (Released: 2004)

Game Boy Micro

gameboy microphone

A little strange, but a year since the launch of its 2-screen game console, Nintendo has introduced gamers to the new generation Gameboy with a super-small design. Although it was not a great success, the number of machines sold was due to the stylishness of the design. Until now, many gamers still find “hunting” for a collection of full color Gameboy Micro. (Released: 2005)

Nintendo DS Lite

ds lite

DS Lite is the first improved version of the Nintendo DS with a more stylish design, a brighter screen. The machine brings the success of the 2-monitor gaming generation. At its peak, more than 1 million units sold in Japan a week (Released: 2006)

Nintendo DSi


The Dsi is the next upgrade of the Nintendo DS Lite and for the first time in a family of video game machines there is a change in its internal hardware instead of just a style change. DSi has higher processing clock, more ram and especially internal memory to download games from Store Online instead of buying with traditional games. Especially, this is the first game machine to integrate Camera into game application. (Released: 2008)

Nintendo DSi XL

dsi xl

Big screen and already! It was Nintendo’s first handheld game console to aim at the race for screen size. This is also a stepping stone to fill the void of time while the company researches the next generation of game machines (Released: 2010).

Nintendo 3DS


The first handheld game console to bring glasses-free 3D technology to gamers. This is a curious novelty for many tech enthusiasts. The reason is that in the past, to view 3D images, people needed to wear support glasses, but with 3DS, you do not need glasses to still see the sinking of the game image. This is a mature cross of technology between the Nintendo DS and the Virtual Boy (Released: 2011)

Nintendo 3DS XL

3ds xl

An upgrade process is similar to Dsi to Dsi XL. The XL version of the 3DS was launched as phone companies were racing for screen size. Rapidly receiving the support of users, the sales of 3DS XL exploded globally. It is considered as a money printer for Nintendo (Released: 2012)

Nintendo 2DS


Another version of the 3DS but the screen does not display 3D, but only 2D images like the Nintendo DS. The device is targeted at the low-cost segment – mainly children, which are limited to using 3D screens due to eye-related factors. The Nintendo 2DS gets a certain degree of success because of its affordable price (Released: 2013).

New Nintendo 3DS

new 3ds

This is an improved version of the 3DS with design changes, slight configuration upgrades and built-in NFC features for devices. amiibo. Besides, the machine also expands the number of buttons, c-stick to rotate the camera in the game, the 3D screen is deeper and clearer. (Released: 2014/2015)

New Nintendo 3DS XL

new 3ds xl

A larger version of New 3DS was released on the same day. Different design and more screen. The owner of this XL version hits the world of gamers who love the big screen (Released: 2014/2015)

Nintendo Switch


It’s hard to say when the Nintendo Switch is going to be both a home console and a handheld. Although Nintendo did not mention it, in fact this is both a handheld game console and a television game console from the company (2017).

New Nintendo 2DS XL

new 2ds xl

Following the success of 2DS when cutting 3D screens that many gamers do not use to cheaper prices, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is introduced by the company with a more fashionable design and a more reasonable price. At a time when New 2DS XL’s sales surpassed New 3DS XL’s, it showed that the potential of this series is still very high as Nintendo changes product design more refined (Released: 2017)

So you have 80% of the Nintendo game consoles. Here the remaining 20% ​​is in a few unknown models such as Pikachu Mini, Pikachu … If you are interested in gaming machines, do not forget to follow the nShop blog regularly to update information!

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