During the game, his wife summoned: 5 ways to extend time for brothers

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Playing online but being dragged away when it’s hot is very spicy, isn’t it?

Yesterday afternoon, I did something a little wrong with the “baby”. I intended to leave it late at night to apologize to her for a while so that it would be sincere. So after dinner, I went upstairs to play a PUBG game.

There are stages that just miss the last few seconds, you can be sure to regret all night long

There are stages that just miss the last few seconds, you can be sure to regret all night long

Unexpectedly, the fire of anger flared up, she accepted to give up all the unfinished business and appeared in the living room with a face that could not be said more, with a terrifyingly calm statement “I talk to you me”.

And you know what, it’s tense at the time. It’s not an online competition, but a one-on-one battle with a kid who’s still alive in battle. But I also can’t ignore the fiery eyes looking at me. Because right after that, she added “Will you stop playing now”. At this point, you understand how difficult the situation is. I had to put the phone back, obviously the title “live to the end” was also abandoned. Deeply regretful.

The heart only people who love games can understand: It

The heart only people who love games can understand: It’s hard to leave when it’s thrilling, really

This morning, I sat down and talked to my friend who often played games together. Telling a story last night, he said, “You are still very young, let me show you a few tricks”. It’s true that sometimes you have to apply these tricks to buy time to finish the game without any regrets, otherwise, when you feel like it, you can’t sleep in your stomach. It’s no less uncomfortable feeling when being abused by your wife. By the way, share with you the new tricks learned from that brother.

Share with you a few tricks to buy time learned from my brother

Share with you a few tricks to buy time learned from my brother

Technique #1: “I’ll wash the dishes or ABCD for you in return”

If we want people to give us something, we have to give something else that is useful to them. The principle of “reciprocity” in life is always like that. In the middle of the match, she called out to eat, asked to buy something for her, only her children study… not running away from work, but only need ten minutes, win or lose, wait for these last few minutes, you can hardly give up. victory for others. Why not try a hand-to-hand “exchange”.

Technique #1:

The satisfaction quotient may not be fully compensated, but at least your sincerity cannot be taken lightly.

And remember, promise to make up for anything, you must do it right away, make it right, otherwise it will be difficult to negotiate next time.

Tip #2: “Do you think this game is beautiful?”

The quickest way to stop her urge to “stop it” is to draw her attention to what you’re glued to on the screen. “Finding empathy,” as Dale Carnegie said, is always the pinnacle of powerful communication that can defuse any stressful situation.

Tip #2:

A graphic game as fierce as The Day After Tomorrow or as beautiful as a dream like Rayman Legends or dreamy and quiet like Gris or bright and cheerful like Little Orpheus or The Artful Escape, sometimes just staring at the scene is happening. on the screen, she might even understand why you spend so much time immersed in the game world. Who wouldn’t be moved by these awe-inspiring splendors.

A heartbreakingly beautiful scene in Gris]

A heartbreaking scene in Gris

Spectacular in The Artful Escape

Spectacular in The Artful Escape

So instead of asking her to understand him, we can move our minds by seeking sympathy.

See more:

Technique #3: “Hey kid, I’m fighting a co-worker who likes to joke around, let me win the rest of it.”

If method #1 doesn’t work, you can switch to a self-esteem tactic. Who doesn’t want their man to stand out in the crowd, not lose to any Western guy on the street.

Technique #3:

Especially when she knows that there is at least one kid in the company who always teases her friends all the time, she’s angry a few times when she hears about it. Then just listen to this sentence, I’m sure she will leave you alone to make the other person fade away. Not only that, sometimes they even cheer you up. Accidentally hit by a turtle (which it was at the time, the other end was a nasty co-worker), I’ve also used this method once in the past. And you know what, she said, “I love it for you”.

Option #4: “You’re so hot today”

Skill 1, 2 are not enough, skill 3 can only be used 1-2 times, and this move seems to last longer, guys. Everyone knows that games are for entertainment, to make the mind more comfortable. Just as she likes to watch K-drama, you like games. Everyone embraces this spirit. And it is a fact that life is not easy.

Option #4:

No matter how hard you are, there are days when you are tired of rushing things that don’t go your way. It could be your day. Let her understand and empathize with this feeling. Note the secret of successful use: When saying this sentence, accompany with a sigh and graze a shoulder, even leaning on her shoulder a bit will force the coffee even more. That smug look and that heartwarming statement is worth it for her to let you play for at least an extra hour, maybe even the whole night.

Technique #5: “You play this game, then sell this game, buy a cute game we can play together”

100 addicts are already 80% of them from pulling that out. The best way for her to understand you in these situations where you can’t let go of the controller is to ask her to play with you and enjoy the game. Let’s start with a cute little game that suits her best. Banh beo, personality, like simplicity, like colors, like romantic things … guarantee that in the game store you are playing every other day, there will be something that makes her pay attention.

Technique #5:

The reason for playing this game and then selling the game to buy a game where both (or the whole family) can gather to play together is a very subtle psychological excuse.

The idea is to play this game and then sell the game and buy a game for both (or the whole family).

Currently, my brother taught me these 5 moves. If you have experience, please share more new tricks here for your subordinates to learn.

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