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Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is becoming the best choice for gamers who want to return to style Pokemon tradition, let themselves become famous coaches on the way to collect the wonders of nature.


In fact, Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is not much different from the previous Mino Monster, but after the predecessor was closed, the developer soon released a sequel with a few new tweaks to enhance the quality. again..

Mino Monster 2: Evolution takes players into a strange world where the Mino beasts live peacefully through May, despite not knowing a disaster is approaching ever closer. From a deep slumber a force calling itself Chaos is rising, which according to oracle will banish the world forever into darkness. The remaining hope can only be placed in the powerful “Guardian” who is in a deep sleep in the mysterious temple. But in order to awaken this creature, a chosen Mino must gather enough gems scattered all over the world. And this will be where you begin your journey, awakening the Guardian and saving the world from the forces of Chaos.


Mino Monsters 2: Evolution’s gameplay style will take you back to the years without fading with Pokemon. There, the game will give you the right to lay your hands on countless magical creatures, each with its own body, a unique power and attribute. These attributes will be the key cards in the player’s calculations, requiring the constant switching of Mino with the opposite attribute to the enemy.


Going deeper into each Mino strain, players will get acquainted with two specialized attack methods, one with medium damage but can be performed anytime, anywhere, the other has strong power but consumes energy. Through two main fighting positions, gamers will freely change to let their Mino win quickly and avoid casualties..


Of course, following the path left by the Pokemon, Mino Monsters 2: Evolution It also gives gamers the ability to capture countless wild animals in nature. Once the opponent’s HP is reduced to a low level, the player with Candy has the same function as a real Pokeball, can completely capture the opponent’s Mino and join the player squad. That image really reminds us of the good memories of Pokemon years, letting us stick with this exciting game..


Mino Monsters 2: Evolution of course still needs a lot of other elements to be able to reach the Pokemon level, but still enough quality to make you engrossed in killing time to wait for the day. Pokemon GO officially docked. Mino Monsters 2: Evolution now available on both platforms Android and iOSready for readers to enjoy by downloading the game for free directly here:


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