20 survival tips in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an extremely attractive survival shooter game, with the mission of how to survive to the end to win. It sounds simple at first glance, but it’s actually not that simple at all.

At the beginning of the game, 100 people will be dropped on a large island of 18×18 km area, they must find the weapons, means, and equipment necessary to fight until the end. The battle is extremely tough, fierce requires players to be really calm, to come up with reasonable strategies to hope for their own victory. Invite you to refer to the 20 tips below to become the ultimate survivor in the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds:

1. Mute Chat Voice immediately

As soon as you start playing, you will be placed in the lobby for the player to arrange. Please press Ctrl + T Immediately to turn off Voice Chat if you do not want others to hear your plans or insults or insults that easily make you angry or lose your temper.

Mute Chat Voice sounds

2. Choose a smart parachute location

Once on the plane, you will be parachuted anywhere on an island. Press the M key to open the map, then right-click to choose an appropriate jump location. You should jump down the area as far as possible to avoid the clash, get more items.

Choose a smart parachute location

The center of many busy houses will be equipped with guns and ammunition to pick up but many enemies. For new players, it’s best to choose a small village to jump down. If someone dances at the same venue, please head to the ground, Press W to land faster.

3. Stay away from the circle of death

When starting the game, press the key M will see a large white circle on the map. Over time that circle gradually narrows, until another blue circle appears inside, you must stay within that circle if you do not want to be drained to death. When you see red circles appear, stay away from them, that’s where the bombs will be.

The circle of death

4. Don’t rush to play in groups

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there are 3 basic ways to play: Single player, Match any team and Team up with friends. When you first play you should choose single player mode, trying to survive alone will help you understand the game faster.

5. Change the default keypress

You are not used to using the default game buttons, you can change it to suit your habits. For example the default key C is sitting, Ctrl If you walk, you can change it. Then press Apply to save your changes.

Change default keystrokes

6. Change camera view

When in third person mode, press and hold right mouse button. Then press Q and E to swap camera views between 2 shoulders. It helps a lot when trying to see different angles of hiding places.

Change camera view

7. Make use of the Freelook function

The Freelook function makes it easier for you to observe, if you want to be a winner, hold down the key Alt to move the head, as well as the camera. Thanks to that, you will be able to observe your surroundings more conveniently when parachuting as well as hiding.

8. Pick up only necessary items

In the journey for life, there are many things you can pick up, but you only focus on picking up the following 5 essentials: Weapons, Armor (helmets, bulletproof vests), Ammunition, Backpacks and Medicines Products. The easiest way to pick up items is to press the key F, also want to pick up faster than you can use Tab to collect many items at once instead of each item as directed.

Just pick up the necessary items

9. Distinguish the types of armor

Only helmets and bulletproof vests will protect you from enemy bullets. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with these 2 types. You should also note that the quality of the armor is divided into 3 levels. Each level of bulletproof vest will help you 1 shot to the chest at close range. And helmets when at level 1 and 2 do not protect the head when shot at close range, only when level 3 can protect.

10. Reload when you pick up the gun

When you pick up the gun, quickly load them up to be ready against the enemy at any time. Right click to switch to aim mode with the gun. Use NUMBER KEYS from 1 to 5 to change weapons faster.

11. Attach accessories to the gun

Normally, each gun will have its own accessory slot, there are many accessories that can be attached to the gun such as: Laser scopes, Flash lights, Silencers … Just drag the mouse on each type of accessory. Then the compatible slot will glow, right-click on the accessory to automatically add it to the gun.

Attaching accessories

12. Equip a helmet

Helmets will help you survive when shot in the head, while picking up items remember to take priority to pick up the helmet first. Although a lot of blood is still lost, the ability to survive waves remains. Note, only level 3 helmets can save you when you are shot in the face.

Wear a helmet

13. Always close the door when going in and out of the house

After going in or out of your home, make sure to close the door, so that the enemy will not know if you are at home or not. At the same time also helps to ambush the enemy easier.

14. Increase the volume of the game

Pay attention to increase the volume of the game to easily hear the enemy’s footsteps, gunshots as well as the sound of vehicles to easily deal with.

15. Do not jump out of the car while running

When the car is running, absolutely do not jump out because it will cause you to lose a lot of blood, or even die. Death like that is not worth at all, is it? Cars will help you move faster, but easily expose your location. Best used only when inside hazardous areas, otherwise walking.

Do not jump out of the car while running

16. Choose the right weapon

The main weapon in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the gun, there are many different types of guns that sometimes make the player find it difficult to choose. Here is the function of some guns, for you to have more wise choices for yourself:

  • AKM: It is a rifle that has high damage, but has a large recoil and a shorter range than other guns.
  • M16: As a rifle, with the farthest range of sights.
  • Shotgun: Extremely effective when shooting at close range or medium range.
  • Kar98: Kills enemies instantly if they hit the head, unless they wear level 3 helmets.

Choose the right weapon

17. Gently throw grenades

When tossing grenades in a confined area, do so right click while preparing to throw to increase accuracy. This method is quite effective, used by a large number of gamers.

18. Be careful when receiving relief goods

Although the relief items have a lot of firepower weapons like AWM (sniper rifle) or Tommy Gun. But you need to be careful because it is very dangerous, easy to be sneaked by the enemy. If the item is near, quickly pick it up quickly and then leave, and if it is far away, consider carefully.

Relief package

19. Remember to bring medicine

Remember to bring the necessary medicines to prevent injuries, bad health times:

  • Healing: Bandage, First Aid Kit, Med Kit …
  • Energy drink: Energy Drink.
  • Analgesic: Painkiller.

Bring as much as possible, after drinking these types of character’s HP will gradually recover.

Remember to bring medicine

20. Calm down to the last minute

The last, but extremely important, thing is to stay calm until the very end. Just lose your temper a little, you will lose your life like playing and winning will win someone else’s share.

With the above 20 tips, hope you will have more experience to survive in this extremely attractive game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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