10 tips for playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for beginners

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a survival shooter game where players fight to become the last survivor. It can confuse new players with a wide range of different weapons to choose from and smaller equipment that don’t know how to use them clearly.

Therefore, the following article will share with you 10 important Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds tips that you need to master if you start joining this survival battle.

Tips to play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for newbies

Here are important tips to understand Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game if you are new to this fascinating battle map.

1. Choose a position to skydive and land quickly

The first thing you do in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. If you want to land somewhere directly in the orbit of the plane then wait until the plane is closest to that location. If you point the camera directly downwards, your character will land faster, which means that you will quickly pick up items, take up positions and have more time to observe and deal with enemies.

Choose a skydive position and land quickly

If you want to join a match early, there is no better option than going directly into a densely populated area below the plane’s flight path. However, if you want to act slowly but surely, being as far away from the plane as possible is a smart strategy.

2. Understanding the circles

There is nothing more fun than exploring the entire map and keeping yourself safe and alive until the very last moments. As soon as you see the white circle appear, you need to develop a strategy to get to the white circle area quickly because that’s the area you need to be in.

Understanding of circles

Gradually, the white circle will narrow. And when you see a blue circle appear inside it, you must stay within that range, otherwise you will bleed to death.

The original white circle has a very wide range, you can move slowly, slowly and without causing a lot of damage, but if you don’t have a smart strategy you will probably end the game on your own. as soon as it starts.

3. Free observation, focusing and sneaky movement

Two powerful tools that are not clearly visible are the ability to see freely using the keys Alt and the ability to concentrate while targeting with the key Shift.

In the third perspective, you can freely look around the character by pressing the key Alt and move YOUR MOUSE. This allows you to peek around and through the window without revealing your location. It’s extremely useful for keeping track of the surrounding terrain while running over land to get to the next circle.

Watch freely, focus, and move in stealth

While targeting, you can hold on Shift to hold your breath. One more thing to note, if you run out of breath while aiming, it will take a few seconds to recover and sprinting will prevent recovery. It’s best to wait a few seconds for your breath to recover before sprinting.

Footsteps and moving noises are a huge part of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. If you hold down the key Ctrl While walking, you will be able to move more quietly, albeit slowly. This can be good for sneaking around, especially if you know someone else is nearby.

4. Familiarize yourself with the media placement

There are several places in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds that give you a high chance of finding a vehicle.

Get familiar with the vehicle's location

In most major cities, there is a garage that will often “spawn” a Dacia car or motorbike. If you check these places early then be confident that you always have a means of escaping if caught in a distant circle.

Another important thing to know about vehicles is that, with the exception of where the vehicle is in the garage, vehicles often appear east facing. This can be a good method for determining if another player has used a vehicle. You can also park your vehicle near an eastbound road to make them appear as if they were unused and use it as a decoy to actively destroy them. But if you see a vehicle and suspect it is a primer, puncture its tire immediately.

5. Understand pharmaceutical products

Open the menu to use health kits and boosters for certain inconvenience. The default home keys are the word keys 7 come 0But you may want to lump them together into something more convenient, such as G and H. That way, you can save a few seconds and have the time to see your surroundings by using these keys instead of having to open up the menu.

Understand pharmaceutical products

Another important thing to keep in mind is the time spent with each health item. If you run to the next white circle and you are in danger of dying before approaching it then make sure you start using the ambulance tools or medkit in time to restore health before you die. .

Time to use health kit:

  • Medkit: 10 seconds
  • First aid kit: 7 seconds
  • Ice: 4 seconds

6. Restore health

Boosts such as energy drinks or painkillers are extremely valuable. Use them to fill your boost bar. They will replenish your health when your health is exhausted.

Use boost wisely

Except for a full health kit, boosters are the only way to get over 75 percent health. Combined with the regeneration effect, this will help you a lot when you need to get out of a circle at the end of the game.

7. Beware of relief packages

Sometimes you will hear a plane flying overhead. This plane will drop relief packages while playing on the map. These packages land slowly and then emit red smoke for a few minutes. They usually offer great gear like tier 3 armor and backpacks, as well as high-end guns and magnifying glasses.

Beware of relief packages

Because these packages often carry extremely valuable equipment, they are also magnets that attract the enemy. Instead of approaching the package immediately, you need to see if someone is stalking it or wait until the enemy approaches it and you take them down to take the item. Also, this is also a good time to get out of the area unnoticed while others are gazing at things. If you’re lucky enough to have the package dropped near you or in an area where you’re confident that there aren’t many other players, get the item right away.

8. Understanding of zeroing

New players will notice a “zeroing distance” meter when targeting targets. It determines the distance the bullet will reach the cross within your target range.

Understanding of zeroing

The barrel is below the range, if your target is closer than the default zeroing distance of 100 meters, the bullet will actually reach the lower cross-shaped target. In that case, you will want to aim a bit higher than your intended target. The default key to increase and decrease zeroing distance is Page Up and Page Down.

9. The importance of armor

The spear is extremely valuable. If you are not equipped with a helmet there are a lot of weapons that can take you down with one shot and an armor will significantly reduce the damage to the chest area, while increasing your carrying capacity.

The importance of armor

The armor reduces damage and it gets damaged with each hit. The durability of an armor only determines how much damage it can take before it breaks down. The damage reduction you get with armor is the same whether your armor is 100 endurance or just 1.

In fact, the armor only reduces the damage force in the chest area and the helmet only reduces the damage force in the head area. Also, no matter how the helmet is shaped, they all have the same level of protection.

  • Level 1 armor and helmets reduce damage by 30%.
  • Level 2 armor and helmets reduce damage by 40%.
  • Level 3 armor and helmets reduce damage by 55%.

10. Don’t be afraid to fight

Especially when you are a beginner to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, it is understandable to evade battles. Beginners usually only fight when it is forced to do so. However, at some point you need to learn how to shoot and kill enemies. Therefore, please bravely join the fight to accumulate more experience as well as learn many useful things.

Don't be afraid to fight

So, are you ready to conquer this fascinating game? With the above tips for beginners, hopefully you’ll have a good and successful start.

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