What do new Minecraft players need to do?

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For first-time players Minecraft game must be surprised and feel confused when not knowing what to do in the first few minutes and days of this New World. You just need to remember that the first and only goal that we must achieve is survival.

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Except Creative game modes, when the player participates in other modes, the character can be hurt or even lose his life due to many different reasons, you probably do not want to accidentally commit suicide while you do not understand. Don’t know all about this game yet?

How to play Minecraft for newbies

If you are a new player, keep in mind first and foremost, always protect yourself. Because only after approx First 10 minutes in MinecraftYou will start to be in danger because it gets dark and creepers can always appear at any time.

Creepers often spawn in dark places, especially at night. So as soon as you step into the Mine, immediately plan and create a solid shelter so you can survived the night. While you can move all night in Minecraft to hide, the best way is to have a safe haven.

1. Crafting original tools

Crafting a bird's hammer

And the first tool you will ever need to have, must have, is a pickaxe (hammer bird), followed by the one table, one House (of course there must be a door) and of course, at first, these will all be made of wood – material that you can extract with your bare hands. From these initial tools, we can extract and obtain many other materials for tool making well and definitely more.

After getting the wooden pickaxe, find a certain empty space or quickly move to a mountain to dig and collect new materials, which is stone. This way you can build another better and stronger rock pickaxe, and so on, we can make a few more tools with stone or iron if we have enough ingredients.

And of course, each different material will have different effects and durability, specifically:

  • The wood (endurance 60)
  • Rock (endurance 132)
  • Iron (endurance 251)
  • Yellow (endurance 33)
  • Diamond (endurance 1562)

Although has the lowest durability, but in comparison, the miner is made Gold has the fastest extraction speed.

Make your bed is the second thing that we should be concerned about. Because although a little more complicated, but this tool has a great effect in Minecraft. In addition to wood, the player also needs to find a few sheep, then take the fur and use those feathers to create wool, combine with the wood to form a bed, put it in his shelter.

Making torches

One thing that if you’ve ever seen a survival movie, it is that the characters in the movie are always looking for ways to get fire, after the shelter, the fire is the most important thing. Not only helps you heat, cook food, light, but especially, it also keeps mobs and creeps away from us, ensuring safety not only the first night in Minecraft.

We can make a torch using coal + wood + stone, the crafting recipe you can see in the post on how to make basic objects in Minecraft. If you are playing Minecraft on a Windows computer, you can check the brightness of the torch by pressing F3 key.

And of course, as mentioned, a house with doors, beds, and torches would be a safe haven for any new player on the first night of Mine.

2. Build the farm


The farm is the place that can provide players with an infinite source of food, rich and extremely safe. Unless you cannot do it or are extremely confident in getting food from outside, you are forced to build a farm to grow, raise, and feed for yourself without risking.

If you want to grow wheat, you can get seeds from tall grass plants. Then use the available pickaxe to create a wheat field for me. With this ingredient, we can make our own bread, cake or other cakes.

In addition to wheat, we can also grow potatoes or carrots. These are the two tubers that are quite popular in Mine because they are productive and easy to grow, but have no nutritional value (hunger recovery) like wheat but the way to cook is much simpler.

It is also important to note that, in the process of building your farm and orchard, you should leave some space between the trees to get access, harvest and nurture your plants. (Because remember, Minecraft World has a great similarity to the outside world, so if you do not want to accidentally destroy your own farm, you should calculate carefully before doing it. It’s important that your crops can grow, or dig the plumbing, or you can use the water, put in a bucket and put it on a square block.

3. How to cook

Crafting is table crafting tools, tools for players in the game Minecraft, however, not always and anything can be crafted with this board, especially dishes and recipes. That is why you need to build a furnace (the necessary materials are coal, cobblestones and metal ore bars).

The stove helps you to cook food or obtain more nutritious dishes, helping to restore more energy than other foods.

4. Some other tips


  • Never forget weapon making and learn how to use them. The main weapons in Minecraft are bows and swords, they can completely be crafted with available recipes. Similar to pickaxes, these weapons can be crafted and have different abilities depending on the material you use to make them.
  • To craft these weapons, the following are required:
    • Sword making: Depending on the material you have (sticks, wooden boards -> wooden swords, iron -> iron swords, diamonds -> diamond swords …).
    • Crafting bow and arrow: Flint, wooden stick, feather, spider silk. You can craft a bow or a bow, and wait to pick up the arrows the Skeletons drop when they attack someone.
  • Stay away from Creepers as they can explode at any time.
  • The water source in Minecraft is infinite, even in the bucket, you can also use water for many things without ever worrying about or being missing.
  • If you need to mine sandstone or gravel for decoration, building a house or are simply trapped in such a mine, you can use torches to destroy them easily.

This is not all the necessary experience or skills, but are important tips and must be remembered in the early stages of Minecraft that you need to remember, this is also one of the Minecraft instructions for playing quite suitable for beginners.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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