20 horror biographies of Pokemon that make fans roll their eyes (P3)

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In the previous section you heard about how painful Glalie felt when evolving to Mega rank. There, because the energy injected into the body was too great, Glalie’s jaws would be broken, causing the mouth to never be able to close and the ice to escape from there endlessly. But if you feel pity first Pokemon You should rethink this.

In the previous Pokedex version, this Pokemon was described with a rather brutal hunting behavior. It likes to freeze any prey within its attack range, thereby eating it in a pleasurable way. But it seems that Glalie’s monstrous image still cannot satisfy Game Freak developers because in the Sun And Moon version they added a detail that turns Glalie into a true monster in the Pokemon world.


Accordingly, the new Pokedex reveals that Glalie was born from the extreme hatred of climbers when standing on the threshold of death. Transmitted through spiritual waves, that hatred represents the last moments of a mountaineer before burying himself in the ice, having to receive the most lonely, painful and terrifying death. That’s why Glalie is not a ghost-type Pokemon, but it has equally cruel tricks..


Guzzlord is depicted in the Pokedex as an Ultra Beast – space-traveling Pokemon creatures from Ultra Space. Many reports say that Guzzlord has an insatiable hunger, ready to eat away at hills or devour an entire building without moving. But in the Pokemon Moon version, Pokedex raised a point full of surprises.. That is, despite being willing to eat tens of thousands of tons, Guzzlord never discharged. This means it can absorb anything, whether it’s another Pokemon or a human, it could be the sea or the mountain river, it could be the very ground we’re standing on. Think about Guzzlord if he could eat whatever he wanted, the Earth would probably slowly be gnawed away over time..



The first version of Glalie is Snorunt – a gentle Pokemon that is very sociable with its surroundings. But for some reason, the two evolutionary versions of both male and female Snorunt bring a dark color to the extreme. While Glalie was born from an extreme anger of mountaineers facing death, Froslass was born from the traumatic fate of a woman. Legend has it that when a girl lost her way and died from the cold on a snowy mountain top, Frolass would be born.

But it is also because of being born from death that Forslass carries the utmost hatred. Pokedex of Pokemon Sun and Moon says that Forslass’s favorite food is the human soul. Yes, not only the bodies but even the souls of the victims falling into Forslass’s hands will disappear forever. But on the contrary, if unfortunately “liked” by Forslass, you will be frozen into a standing statue and kept as a display item in this Pokemon’s cave.In the Anime version, Forslass does exactly this but to revealing the victim’s head as if wanting to converse.



Yes, even people who don’t know much about Pokemon have heard the story of Cubone carrying his mother’s skull on his head. But do not rush to feel disgusted with this “boy” because every night Cubone still mourns the death of his mother. However, it is worth mentioning that even crying alone makes this Pokemon face death because for “vultures” like Mandibuzz, that cry is a guarantee for a night meal.. Cubone’s life into traps that follow every step of this Pokemon.

But if you overcome and are willing to live with that pain, Cubone will become Marowak. However, even so, fate still did not want to let go of this poor Pokemon.


Alola Marowak

Alola Marowak is a nighttime evolution of Cubone exclusive to the Alola region, where the Pokedex reveals more of this murky Pokemon’s biography. Accordingly, the bone that Marowak used as a weapon was also a piece of bone from the mother’s body. But it’s worth mentioning that Alola Marowak spends most of her time hunting Mandibuzz – the Pokemon it considers its archenemy. Putting these facts together, fans raise a question mark… is it Mandibuzz who killed Cubone’s mother?


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