Male gamer reunites with his “lost” sister for 6 years thanks to Hero of Condor Gamota

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Playing games, if previously, was only narrowly defined as a game of children or a separate world for boys only. Now, it is clear that the game has become a common entertainment for everyone, all professions, ages, men and women. So it is understandable that you accidentally meet someone you know in the game. Indeed, it would not be exaggerated if online games were like a magical bridge, where people not only find soul mates, love, mend an old relationship or even find acquaintances. long “lost”.

As recently, a male gamer of Hero of Condor Gamota could not hide her joy when she accidentally met her sister whom she had known 6 years ago without any information during an off-state meeting.


“By chance meeting ems again after 6 years, the girl who just entered high school is graceful under a white shirt, innocent and innocent like a tree. When I first entered the state, I saw a familiar name but didn’t think it was me. I don’t talk much, sometimes I talk on the state channel. Accidentally, the brothers from the same state invited each other to go to coffee, I was busy with work, I was late, when I walked into the shop, I could not help but be surprised. The world is so round, I don’t think I’ll see you again in this situation. Thank you NHP Gamota and the game Hero of Condor for letting me meet you. Still the familiar name I used to call you every day.”


For both the male gamer and the younger sister in this case, they all think this is like a “fairy tale”. They didn’t think they could see each other again after all these years of no contact, much less did they think they would meet in this kind of situation. “Faithful, natural, and mutually compatible” is real.


The sharing about this “random and unexpected” situation could not help but make many gamers excited. It is true that in the game, every meeting and reunion becomes more special and meaningful than ever. There will be nothing more wonderful than meeting your soul mate, moreover, sharing the same passion, hobby, and other brothers and friends. Are online games giving us more than we think?

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