League of Legends tournament postponed due to Corona virus

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MSI is one of two League of Legends tournament There will be a big change in the time and venue of the competition during the year due to the global health situation.

In the latest developments, Riot Games quoted the chairman’s announcement electronic Sports globally, thereby confirming the information about the delay of the start of the Tournaments MSI 2020.

Previously, as usual, this tournament would be held in May every year. But with this announcement, it is likely that the tournament will have to be postponed from 1 to 2 months depending on the situation pandemic Covid-19. Besides, up to now, MSI 2020 has not announced the venue for this tournament.


As we all know, MSI was born in 2015 and has become a cult event of e-sports besides the world finals of the tournament. League of Legends.

Regarding the postponement of the MSI 2020 schedule, the head of the global e-sports department expressed that he fully understands the regrets of the players and the community. League of Legends fans. However, this is a necessary move, if not force majeure, in the face of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In short, the leave the MSI 2020 schedule part comes from a lot of regional leagues like LPL and VCS all have postpone the match affected by the epidemic. In addition, this move also allows the remaining regions to be more flexible in organizing tournaments to deal with bad changes in public health.

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