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Currently, typically Appota Wallet It also brings many new experiences to users with many unique entertainment features such as movie voucher store, dining, giftcode,… Recently, Electronic wallet Appota bursting with features lucky money online and shake your phone to receive gifts during Tet, different from the usual payment features of a Wallet app.

During the 2018 Lunar New Year, Appota Wallet launched an online lucky money feature aimed at ordinary people who have the ability to pay online and strongly respond to new trends.
Developed from the existing Gift giving feature, Red envelopes online is an “improved” version that allows users to choose a group of friends with equally or randomly distributed lucky money.

Lucky money online with lots of interesting points
– There will be no headache in earning change or new money. Red envelopes through smartphones from retail to units.
– Random lucky money gives extra luck, but it’s super fun for the recipient of a great gift, but you can also be teased by your friends when you rank “bottom” in the rankings. A sense of curiosity with both sender and receiver.
– Randomly receive super big lucky money from Appota Wallet right when sending lucky money.
Experience this unique feature now:


And the occasion New Year of the Dog When participating in sending lucky money through Appota Wallet to receive many valuable gifts such as CGV movie tickets, food vouchers of popular brands, cashback vouchers when reloading cards, reloading games … at the same time have the opportunity to receive got iPhoneX worth 30 million VND.

1 FINANCIAL SOLUTION: 1 stylish genuine iPhone X
1 PHOTO LOC: 10 million VND for the person with the most number of lucky money and the most total amount of lucky money
In the event that the winner is not found, the organizers will have 2 additional prizes
1 TAN TAN Prize: Give 3 million VND to the person with the most total lucky money
1 LUCKY Prize: Give 2 million VND to the person with the most number of lucky money.

How to join the program
During the event, you only need to “hunt” all 4 vouchers with words PHAT, TAI, PHAT, LOC in Appota Wallet to participate in the prize draw to receive valuable gifts from the program.


So how to “hunt” letter vouchers? You can participate in the event “shake the head of spring” or “Send lucky money to a group of friends”, “join the wheel of fortune” or “exchange with friends and in the Appota Wallet community”.

– Event takes place: 12/2/2018 – 25/2/2018
– Dial and announce winners: February 27, 2018

BTC only counts vouchers in the Bag until 18:00 on February 25, 2018.
Time to announce the list of participants in the lucky draw: February 27, 2018.
Time to draw and announce winners: February 28, 2018.
BTC Appota Wallet’s decision will be final.

Join the hunt for iPhoneX at:

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