Tencent announced 2 new games in the Universe of Glory Glory

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In the context of facing new challenges from League of Legends: Wild Rift, yesterday Tencent celebrated the 5th anniversary of the debut of King of Glory – the company’s flagship game. This developer is pleased to announce the current title mobile games This game has reached a record of 100 million daily players worldwide and announced 2 new titles in the Universe of Glory.

To expand the world of Glorious King, Tencent is developing two new games that have not been officially named. Although no specific announcement has been made, it seems that these two titles will not follow the genre MOBA like King of Glory.​


The first new game announced during Tencent’s celebration was 代号启程 (roughly translated Codename: Set off). It is known that the game will use a completely new perspective, bringing players to explore the Royal Continent outside the Valley of Kings as well as interesting stories and rumors of the heroes in the game. What will the world outside the Valley of Kings be like, mysterious places such as Truong An citadel, Van Mong Trach … hidden secrets, all will be revealed in Codename: Set off.

The second game in this expanded universe is 代号:破晓 (rough translation Codename: Dawn). The game will have the same worldview and context as the Glory King, but completely innovate in terms of characters, skills, and gameplay. According to a leaked source, this will be an action game focusing on the plot, revealing the mysterious curtain of Vuong Gia Vinh Dieu, helping players understand more deeply about the worldview as well as the plot details of the title. This popular mobile game.

Currently, these two new games are still in development, expected to launch on both iOS and Android platforms. We will continue to update you as soon as more information becomes available.

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