Goku also has to admire the fight between two Dragon Ball FighterZ players

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Dragon Ball FighterZ being title fighting games Hottest today when recreating explosive epic battles in the world 7 Dragon Balls. Not only that, the game also brings an extremely sophisticated combat system, so that anyone who grasps the gameplay can become the best warriors in the fighting village. Now… two of the “gods” of Dragon Ball FighterZ, two representing East and West cultures, two extremely famous names in the professional gaming community, have just had a bouncing match. the most fire that fans have ever witnessed.


One side is Dominique McLean with the nickname SonicFox – who just had a 167 Hit combo performance that wiped out the enemy Team, and one side is Goichi Kishida with the nickname Go1 – who bears the title “City God” in fighting games based on Anime. The two meet in the Final Round 2018 tournament with the condition that whoever has the first 10 wins will step to the top. Held in the US, this can be considered the home ground of SonicFox while Go1 is too familiar with fighting games like Dragon Ball FighterZ. Therefore, there is almost no clear advantage of the two sides over the opponent, promising an extremely fierce battle for viewers.


And as expected, witnessing SonixFox and Go1 fighting in the ring.. fans are like witnessing some epic battle in the movie 7 Dragon Balls. The two sides continuously approached with consecutive combos, making the match go into absolute balance. However, in tournaments that use the first 10 innings format, fans have a term called “Downloading”. Downloading occurs when either side uses a lengthy match to capture the enemy’s tactics, skills, and moves. After seeing through it all, they almost “downloaded” the data needed to disable the enemy “program”. Indeed, here we see the professional matches of Dragon Ball FighterZ taking place like a Matrix movie.. and it seems that the player from Japan Go1 is the one who becomes Neo.


With Gohan holding the main dual while Cell and Vegeta support, Go1 cornered SonicFox directly into the ring with crazy combos. But all was still nothing when Go1 let Cell open, pulling Vegeta into support before activating Gohan to perform Kame with the help of Goten, pushing the combo to reach 122 Hit and completely obliterate the opponent. Although the SonicFox side still has Android 16, he also knows the game is here to end.

Readers can watch the full match between SonicFox and Go1 right here:

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