Appears a “goose” Net shop, destroying the market price, only 500 VND / hour to play?

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Recently, the image captures the price list of a net shop can’t help but startle many people when it’s so cheap it’s unbelievable. Only 500 VND for member accounts, current guests are only slightly more than 600 VND, and for foreigners it is 1000 VND/hour. This is considered the most “breaking” price at the moment when on average a net shop also has the lowest price of 3 – 4 thousand VND.


Doing a simple calculation, for the price of 500 VND, even if you turn on the machine all day 24 hours, it will only cost 12 thousand VND. If this is accurate information, then lowering the price to the point of “drying blood” like this is no different from a strong slap in the face of people in the industry. It proves one thing that the net profession is on a decline. Of course, a discount or promotion is a must for any business, but no matter how much promotion, profit must still be the top priority. Therefore, when in the midst of the current situation of the net shops competing to lower the price to the floor like the present, it is not understood that … where is the profit? Electricity, internet, house, service… All of these are not free.


In addition, many people doubted that this was just a trick of “the chopping board owner”, because really at this price it is very hard to believe and difficult to accept.

But according to the post owner’s explanation, the cause of this “dry blood” situation is because the competition is too fierce in that business area, 1km has up to 18 shops. Plus the cost of living in the countryside is not as expensive as many other places.


I think one thing that, profession net business There are more and more manifestations of serious decline, or uneven development, for many reasons. Of course, the objective reasons are difficult to control, but the people themselves are also one of the reasons why the net business becomes “foam”. When the bosses compete to lower the floor price or launch promotional tricks to “dry blood”, the beneficiaries here are only customers and players. Can attract many customers, but the amount of profit earned is not commensurate with the effort that they put in, maybe the netizen is creating their own “dead end”.​

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