“Zai” whose wife plays Audition tricked his girlfriend through the game with both love and money of tens of millions of dong

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Up to now, online games are famous as a bridge “pushing” for countless talented and talented boys and girls to come together. Thousands of love affairs have become couples and many of them are unfortunately “broken in the middle of the road”. However, the cases of cheating each other are also full of dozens of “bad crying” stories: love, money, material things… etc.

Typically, recently, the online community couldn’t help but be excited about the case that a girl was cheated with both love and money when playing online games, namely: Audition. More importantly, the object of the scam is someone who has a wife and children, but the victim from the beginning to the end did not know until everything broke.​


According to information from the alleged victim, the subject was from Ha Nam, the two knew and fell in love while playing the game Audition, this relationship lasted 8 months. During that time, about 4 or 5 months, the young man told his girlfriend that he was in debt, had to escape debt and was provided with food and sleep by his lover for several months. The original private loan amount also amounted to about VND 30 million.​

Objects using many different facebook accounts to scam

Currently, this subject has been “caught” by the girl’s relatives, but the guy is unable to repay the loan from his previous lover. Although the family has been contacted, no one has come forward to accept responsibility for it.

Video source: Ha Cong Tung (Street Records group)

After being widely shared on many online forums with the purpose of warning people, the object of fraud was condemned as a matter of course, but besides that, many people also expressed criticism of the victim. , thinking that this girl was too gullible, fell in love too much when she didn’t know the background of people, even love through the game, quickly trusted not only to help with accommodation but also to give Borrow such a large sum of money.

Whether you agree or criticize, stories of scams of both love and money like this in the online gaming world still make netizens unable to ignore, especially with genuine gamers. This is also an expensive lesson for any of us, to be careful with any relationship in the virtual world, whether it’s friends or even love. It’s hard to predict what will happen!

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