Playing in the LEC, the G2 Esports player drove fans crazy when he jumped to WoW Classic

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Recently G2 Esports was punished by the “father” of League of Legends after the top laner Martin “Wunder” Hansen of this club was found playing World of Warcraft Classic while playing. Accordingly, G2 Esports had to receive a fine of 1000 Euro (approximately 26 million VND) on September 13 for breaching the agreement.​


Although it is not known exactly where Wunder played World of Warcraft Classic, it is assumed that at that time pro gamer This is joining the LEC (League of Legends European Championship – European League of Legends Championship. Sure, it’s okay to be infatuated with a game other than the one you play professionally, but if you openly play another game while you’re competing, the story turns in another direction.​


Those computers are provided by Riot and if this happens in an official event organized by Riot, it is completely reasonable to pay the fine. On its official Twitter, G2 Esports expressed thanks to the penalty of Riot Games, the club even joked that “then we have a good reason to remove the game (World of Warcraft Classic) from Wunder’s computers”. In order to prevent fans from mistakenly thinking that this is a joke, G2 also attached a list of LEC fines, clearly stating the amount of G2’s fine with the reason of “violation of the agreement”.​


World of Warcraft Classic was released on August 26th and was a huge success for Blizzard. MMO This has over 1 million viewers on Twitch and helps the stock of Activision Blizzard rose 5% – the highest level of the stock since November 2018 to date.

Knowing that World of Warcraft is attractive, but Wunder and the rest of G2 Esports need to focus on the 2019 World Championship – the biggest event of LoL. G2 is one of the best and most loved professional League of Legends teams today, and they certainly don’t want their fans to be disappointed because of their distraction with League of Legends.

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