Features that make up the new look of Kiem The

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This is considered one of the renewals of the “king” of the swordplay game series after nearly a decade.

New level true spirit level up the character’s strength
Specifically, the True Spirit in Sword of the World will open two new skills, Undeterred Breaking and Lac Than Decisive. They help the character to increase the percentage of the corresponding attributes such as basic attack, crit, damage amplification and crit attack. These two passive skills make the character’s strength increase significantly, the damage increases and especially for the character with higher hand strength, the power is greater.

New level true spirit

Also in this April update, Sword of the Sword will change the evaluation price of the True Spirit Skill book. Players only need to spend 80 coins or 1,350 Vitality to receive the book – unlocked (the old requirement was 150 copper and 2,200 Vitality). This change partly helps players “lighter” in exchanging books of True Spirit Skills, saving money so that they can exchange more books and perform some other operations.

Launched new level 14 air wind equipment – ​​Wind vanity
The wind in Sword The currently has level 13 – Tran Thien, but after this April update, players will have the opportunity to own level 14 – Phong Van. All attribute stats increase and help the character increase attack and defense, so the strength of a character possessing a level 14 wind compared to a level 13 windless wearer will also have a clear difference. pronounced. In particular, the level 14 air-wind also increases by 01 level in each skill type Than Long Tam Phap and Hong Hoang War Will, adding an attribute line that promotes skill attack power to help characters break through incredible strength.

The difference between Phong Van and Tran Thien

Players note that, in order to own the Phong Van, the character must be level 178 or higher and the wealth is also 2 million or more. This is also the factor that motivates players to pursue that is to increase the level to seize the opportunity to level up.

New feature strengthens mount equipment
This update allows gamers to strengthen the saddle to a maximum of +20. This level helps attribute stats such as damage taken, maximum health-inner mana, and critical crits increase significantly. Players only need to collect materials according to the rules to enhance, if the rate is below 30%, it will definitely not be able to strengthen, the higher the success rate will be added one level, and the failure will only materials are subtracted, the enhancement level reached previously is preserved. This is considered a “consolation” point so that the player is not inhibited or bitter in the process of strengthening the saddle equipment.

The difference between an unenhanced and enhanced saddle to +20

Each type of equipment worn on the character or on the mount plays a certain role and they help increase the overall strength of the character. When these equipment is leveled up, it means that the character’s strength increases, this helps players know how to control the power and properly appreciate the value of each item that they are equipping the character. From there, seriously invest in fostering character equipment by strengthening, renovating or upgrading, etc.

Sword That is the installed game that is nearly 10 years old

With nearly 10 years of accompanying gamers, Kiem The is always in motion and meets the needs of players. In this 2018, the Executive Board will continue to listen and acknowledge the contributions of gamers to have a new Sword The world, always satisfying gamers.

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