Jun Vu suddenly appeared in Rules of Survival mobile

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Before coming to the optimization information and update New content this afternoon on April 11, let’s admire the charisma of Jun Vu when transforming into a warrior in a funny quartet ROS mobile. After Tuyet Anh – Jun Vu was slashed inside brilliant May suddenly joined ROS mobile. For Jun Vu, no matter how the situation pushes, the most important thing is still charisma.

In the situation where 99% was thought to be the top 1, Jun Vu did not expect to be overturned by Le Duong Bao Lam.

In another development, Le Duong Bao Lam “played” with the enemy from behind, but in 1 minute “mistake” received a bitter ending.

For now, let’s go through the new content, optimize the system and fix the errors of ROS mobile after maintenance and repair. update from 14:00 to 16:00 this afternoon 11/4.


New content:

  • Continue the Water Splashing activity. Complete quests to get GP, Resupply Ticket.
  • Added M1887 and AR15 Water Festival gun skins.
  • Add schedule system, click Data button
  • Schedule to check game history.

Basic experience:

  • Reduces damage on impact by Off-Road Vehicles, Pickups, Jeeps, Tricycles, Motorcycles. Currently Terrain Vehicles, Pickups, Jeeps when not using Nitrogen will not be able to kill people with full HP.
  • Increased recoil of the M14EBR gun.
  • Optimized the operation of dropping items: dragging the mouse can remove all items, pressing the key can only remove 50% of the items.
  • Change the swing pattern, optimize the movement.
  • Optimized character movements, fixed bugs when picking up items.
  • Added a feature to check if there are cars around when changing positions to stand, sit, and lie down.
  • Add wall climbing sound effect.
  • Adjusted the number of people in the preparation area when partying in Fearless Fiord map.
  • Enhanced anti-hacking PC version.
  • Adjust character movements at the main interface.


  • Added car and gun zoom.
  • Add background blur effect.

Error correction: Fixed incorrect scoring of some activities.

Join Jun Vu and Le Duong Bao Lam to join the fight right away survival Rules of Survival mobile to have moments of relaxation and comfort!

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