Dozens of gamers take a month off from work to decide to dry up the season of climbing Crossfire Legends

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For true gamers, once they have embarked on the path of pursuing the game, it will be difficult to give up, just like “no one can stop the heart after falling in love”. Eating together, sleeping together, getting drunk with the game are common stories behind a gamer.

But to the point where I took a month off from work without pay just to… climb the game rank Crossfire Legends Like the gamer guy below, it’s really hard to play.


It is known that the May 2018 Rank season of this game is open from May 24 to the end of May 31, and the rewards given to gamers with the highest rank are extremely attractive. In particular, owning a high ranking achievement in the seasons is also a testament to the skills of the gunners. However, this always requires gamers in general and in Crossfire Legends in particular to spend a lot of time, money and effort.


That’s why our gamer guy (NTT facebook account) had to personally write “Application for unpaid leave” and send it to the Board of Directors where his company works to apply for a 30-day leave (from July 7). May 2018 to the end of June 5, 2018) to devote all my heart to racing the top Crossfire Legends.
After the image of this letter was shared on the Crossfire Legends group, many other players must have felt stunned by this player’s willingness to play to “dry blood”, with comments such as: “playing so loud” ”, “I lost to you”, “I will always give you whatever you eat”, …


However, there are also some comments that criticize the fact that this male gamer is too engrossed in virtual life and neglects his work: “it’s really mental”, “looking forward to being taken to the hospital and not returning”, or It takes 30 days for young people to shoot “chicken” gifts to climb the rank.


However, we should not make any judgments here because the application for leave is not necessarily real, but maybe this is just a “coloring” screen for this gamer’s entertainment. If it is true that in real life, our guy is determined to dry his blood to this extent, then he really needs to be honored as “player of the year”. Although the rewards are indeed very attractive, one piece of advice for gamers is to know what is important and what is just entertainment to spend your time and energy on it in a reasonable way!​

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